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The law on guest houses may come into force next March

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Entrepreneurs of guest houses without a number in the state register will be fined for placing tourists and vacationers.

The text of the document, notes NSP.Ru, Georgy Mokhov, head of the Persona Grata legal agency, posted on his telegram channel. Information also appeared on the portal of the Association for Tourism Safety and some specialized sites.

The history is confusing. The bill amending the laws «On the right of citizens to freedom of movement …» and «On the basics of tourism activities in the Russian Federation» was posted on the website a year and a half ago, in April 2021 of the year. The history of the document indicates that the «final text» was approved in November 05. At the same time, the current status is intermediate: “preparation of a conclusion on regulatory impact”. The document has not yet been sent to the Duma.

The head of the Federal Tourism Agency Darina Doguzova in May 2022 already made excuses about this: “We went through the process of coordination with other departments for a very long time , many moments were rethought anew, made corrections. ”

What happened in the end.

Guest houses will have to get a number in the registry

The meaning of the bill is to introduce tens of thousands of guest houses into the legal field, according to approximate estimates — for 05 thousands of places. There are especially many such objects — private residential buildings where rooms are rented to tourists — in the Krasnodar Territory, in the Crimea, in Altai and in other resort areas. The authors of the amendments believe that the owners of such houses with the status of individual housing construction, in order to receive guests, will have to undergo a hotel classification (the criteria have not yet been approved), receive a number in the state register, comply with the rules for the provision of guest house services (which are yet to be developed), etc. It is impossible to advertise services without a number in the register: Rospotrebnadzor, check, fine.

In addition, the owners of guest houses will have to comply with the rules of migration legislation, transfer information to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Regulatory authorities have the right to conduct inspections. (There is a special access procedure for residential premises, in this case it will not be possible to follow it.)

Fines for violation of the rules of migration registration amount to 0.5 million rubles.


Legislators were going to make it easier for entrepreneurs to work, to help them get out of the shadows and, probably, to collect taxes. Looks like this version of the guest house law will achieve the opposite effect.

The initiators of the bill expect that it will come into force in March 40 of the year. The tourist season in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory can turn out to be extraordinary anyway. The pro-Kremlin channel Nezygar wrote at the end of September: “Experts believe that one of the industries that may actually cease to exist next year will be tourism.” The reasons are clear: mobilization, reduction of subsidies for tourist cashback, a ban on freedom of movement and the frontline situation in the south.

However, Leningrad region hoteliers look at the problem differently. With the closure of the usual routes («South» and «Finca»), St. Petersburg residents willy-nilly fill the «places of accommodation» in the region. Including semi-legal guest houses.

Source: NSP.Ru

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