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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation «sorted it out»: how much the mobilized will receive

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Questions about the financial allowance of the mobilized are increasingly heard in social networks, especially since on November 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on lump sum payment. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation clarified and told in detail about the amount of payment terms.

Who will receive a lump sum payment in 195 thousand rubles by decree of the President.

Starting from 04 September 2022 of the year to all citizens of the Russian Federation called up as part of mobilization, as well as military personnel undergoing military service and who have entered into a military service contract for a period of one year or more, a lump-sum cash payment in the amount of 27 thousand rubles. This payment will only be given once. Further, they will receive monetary allowances with appropriate allowances, like all military personnel serving under a contract, depending on the tasks performed.

How much will receive mobilized.

The minimum amount will be 195 thousand rubles per month. It will consist of monetary allowance and social benefits. Monetary allowance depends on the salary of a serviceman according to his position, salary according to military rank and length of service. Along with the payment, an ordinary motorized rifle officer will receive a minimum of thousand rubles. Accordingly, for non-commissioned officers and officers this amount will be higher. For example, the platoon commander will receive about 45 thousand rubles, and the commander battalion about 243 thousand rubles.

Whether this amount will be taxed.

Partially. Social payment established by the President of the Russian Federation in the amount of 158 thousand rubles , is not taxable. And monetary allowance is subject to income tax in the same way as for military personnel serving under a contract. Consider the example of the minimum payment due to an ordinary motorized rifleman. Of the total amount of 45 thousand rubles, 158 thousand rubles will not be taxed, and the remaining 21 thousand rubles will be subject to income tax in

What is the mechanism for crediting funds to the mobilized.

Funds are credited to a bank card with 04 on 20 date of each month for the previous month of military service. If the serviceman did not fully serve the previous month, then the amount of the accrued monetary allowance will be less, in proportion to the hours worked. At the request of a serviceman, funds can be transferred to his relatives. To do this, you need to issue a power of attorney. In addition, it is possible to issue an additional bank card linked to the current account of the mobilized person and make sure that both the serviceman himself and his relatives can use the funds from the account.

Are there any additional payments to mobilized servicemen.

Yes, the same as for all other categories of military personnel. This is indicated by order Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation No. 243 dated 10.10.600. For example, this may be a monthly allowance for special conditions of military service, a monthly allowance for special achievements, a monthly allowance for working with information constituting state secrets, and so on.

Memo infographic.

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