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The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Crimea calls: be careful when skiing in winter

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea reminds residents and guests of the peninsula of the need to follow reports of changes in weather conditions, and if they worsen, refuse to visit the mountainous area. Drivers should also watch out for traffic restrictions on certain sections of the road. If you still decide to relax in the mountains, the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea strongly recommend that vacationers follow the rules of safe behavior during winter holidays.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations also strongly recommends that holidaymakers observe the rules of safe behavior during winter holidays:


  • Unlike conventional sleds, “cheesecakes” are able to develop high speed, spin around their axis during the descent, while being almost uncontrollable. Therefore, you should not overload the inflatable sled (tubing). The characteristics of each model indicate the maximum allowable weight for it.
  • It is dangerous to sit on an inflatable sled for several people at once.
  • Do not attach «cheesecakes» to each other with a «train», they can turn over.
  • It is recommended to ride on slopes with a slope of no more than 20 degrees. There must be enough space at the bottom of the slope for braking.
  • Do not ride on slopes overgrown with trees. Before you start descending on an unprepared track, inspect it for holes, mounds, protruding bushes, stones. The latter can seriously damage the cheesecake by puncturing or cutting it.
  • Before starting the descent, make sure that there are no skiers in front of you, especially children.
  • In no case do not tie the «inflatable sled» to vehicles: snowmobiles, cars — this is extremely life-threatening!
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  • Every year there are more and more lovers of skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling. Fans of such recreation should wear a helmet. It will protect not only from possible injuries during a fall, but also from hypothermia and wind.
  • Be sure to wear appropriate protective clothing, including goggles, knee pads, gloves. Special sports shoes will keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Before using sports equipment, make sure that it is in good condition. Try to use only specially equipped places for extreme sports.
  • Never try to perform tricks seen on TV and on the Internet. Complex elements and shapes can cause a lot of problems even for a professional. For an ordinary person, they can be deadly.
  • Do not go in for winter sports alone. There should be people nearby who will provide assistance if necessary. Even better, if you are under the supervision of an experienced instructor, and a group of rescuers is on duty nearby.
  • Never drink alcohol before practicing winter extreme sports!

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea reminds you that if you become a participant or witness of a tragedy, an accident or find yourself in a difficult situation, you should immediately contact the rescue service by phone: “112”, “101″.

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