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The overpass in Dubki near Simferopol is planned to open before the end of the year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Crimea, work continues on the repair of road networks. And before the end of the year, it is planned to put into operation an overpass in Dubki, near Simferopol, which will significantly relieve traffic in the problem area. The Minister of Transport of the Republic of Crimea Nikolai Lukashenko spoke about this during a live broadcast organized by the Center for Regional Management of the Republic of Crimea.

In addition, answering a question from social media users, the minister spoke about the repair of the Dubki-Levadki bypass road.

This road is under construction. Active work is underway to include it in the relevant register. We plan that additional funding from the federal budget will be allocated this year. In this case, the activities to complete the facility and put it into operation will be completed before the end of the year.— said Nikolai Lukashenko.

The minister also spoke about the state of public transport rolling stock in the republic.

About 70 percent of buses and almost one hundred percent of trolleybuses have already been updated. The composition of Evpatoria trams has been completely replaced. Since the beginning of the year, 326 new buses have entered the routes, which were purchased last year.— Lukashenka stressed.

According to him, technical safety standards are strictly observed in Crimea: buses that carry passengers in the city should not be older than 7 years, and on intermunicipal routes — no older than 5 years.

Also, during a live broadcast organized by the Regional Management Center of the Republic of Crimea, Nikolai Lukashenko spoke about the possibility of contacting the ministry through social networks, paying for travel using an updated payment system, as well as plans to expand the list of public transport routes.

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Full broadcast recording available link.

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