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The road is wide: another section of M-2 «Crimea» will be expanded to four lanes

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Glavgosexpertiza of Russia issued a positive opinion on the overhaul of the M-2 «Crimea» highway Moscow — Tula — Orel — Kursk — Belgorod — the border with Ukraine in the section km 664 + 000 — km 677 + 460 in the Belgorod region. The total length of the segment of construction and installation works will be about 13.3 km. Its beginning is located on the territory of the village of Streletskoye, 0.6 km north of the Rosneft gas station. The end of the section is on the western outskirts of the village of Krasnoe, 0.5 km from the intersection with the Belgorod-Kharkov railway line.

The overhaul of the section of the M-2 «Krym» highway in the Belgorod region is aimed at increasing its capacity, since the existing traffic intensity already exceeds 8 thousand vehicles per hour. The project provides for the construction of four lanes, which will increase the average speed and reduce delays on the road.— notes the chief expert of the project Alexei Busarev.

Capital repairs are planned at the exits of the transport interchange Komsomolsky — Belgorod. In addition, a number of connections will be overhauled on M-2 Krym. At separate exits with high traffic intensity, it is planned to install transitional and high-speed lanes for braking and accelerating, as well as lanes for the left turn.

Design solutions include full lighting of the road section with a total length of 16.945 km, and the total length of noise barriers will be 4.878 km.

At the entire M-2 Krym overhaul section, a dividing strip is provided with the installation of a metal barrier fence, which will prevent cars from moving into the oncoming lane and increase traffic safety— says Alexei Busarev.

As part of the overhaul, a comfortable rest area will also be arranged for road users.

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The state customer is the FKU «Management of the Moscow-Kharkov Highway of the Federal Road Agency».

The general designer is MOSTDORPROEKT-PLUS LLC.

source: press service of the Federal Autonomous Institution «Glavgosexpertiza of Russia»

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