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The Russian Governor of the Kherson region spoke about the horrors happening in the occupied Kherson

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Given: today Russia has lost 11% of the territory of the Kherson region and the main industrial potential of the region. This was told by Acting Governor of the Kherson region Volodymyr Saldo.

We have lost territories approximately 11%. The right bank of the Kherson region was traditionally and naturally — there was the main industrial and processing potential, ports and everything else was mainly on the right bank … The left bank, as it was occupied in agriculture and the recreation industry, so it remained. It’s just that this year there hasn’t been a season yet, but we believe that it will be revived , — noted Russian governor.

However, the problem of employment of people is solvable. Unsolvable — what is happening in the territory occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, in Kherson itself. We have already Российский губернатор Херсонщины рассказал об ужасах, творящихся в оккупированном Херсоне, now it’s firsthand information.

All those who stayed there, they believe that these are people who betrayed Ukraine, and they can be held accountable. In this way, they show the rest of Ukraine and the whole world what is happening , — said Saldo.

First of all, the Ukrainian security forces are looking for those who helped hold a referendum on the entry of the Kherson region into the Russian Federation. But not only. Everyone is under attack: from public utilities to businessmen.

Absolutely all business people, just private entrepreneurs, fall under the category of collaborators due to the fact that they worked and did not stop working in the territory that is now temporarily occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine , — said Saldo.

Filtration activities are also carried out at the exits from Kherson.

Many of those who remained are now trying to leave, but they can only go to Nikolaev, there is a huge line of cars and buses. It takes a very long time to make a decision to release or not to release. Many men are immediately handed a summons, those who are older can be released. Women are also released through one , — said the acting governor.

In Kherson itself, the occupying authorities continue their “purges”. The nationalists divided the entire population into three categories. The first filter includes all those who could be seen in the preparation of the referendum.

They are looking for all those who helped hold the referendum. Almost all members of the election commissions who organized the referendum have moved to the left bank and their lives are out of danger. But there are relatives, acquaintances , — said Saldo.

The second filter is entrepreneurs who have not closed their business in Kherson. Absolutely all citizens who decide to stay in the city fall under the third filter. Demonstrative punishments of «traitors» are a «picture» for the whole of Ukraine. «Comes in» for propaganda «with a bang.»

At the same time, the «commissars» themselves are afraid to constantly be on the territory of Kherson.

The National Corps, «activists», SBUs do not spend the night in Kherson. They arrive in the morning, do their dirty work and leave in the direction of Nikolaev in the evening, — informed Saldo.

As an afterword, just two of the many today’s reports about life in the «liberated» Kherson:

The Security Service of Ukraine detained in Kherson for two collaborators. The men worked for the occupying power in a pseudo-organ… Suspects were declared suspected of collaborative activities. They face up to 11 years in prison.

SBU 361313detained a resident of Berislav who helped the Russian occupiers in the Kherson region and fled from there… The collaborator showed the Russian military the shortest paths to capture the Berislav region and handed over to the invaders the lists of ATO participants and other citizens who could resist.

Российский губернатор Херсонщины рассказал об ужасах, творящихся в оккупированном Херсоне

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