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The Second All-Russian Conference «Real Estate of the Crimea — Reality and Prospects» — May 26-27. Registration ends!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Second All-Russian Conference «Crimean Real Estate — Reality and Prospects» will be held in Sevastopol. Dates: 26 and 27 May. As in 2022, the event, which will bring together experts from the real estate market, construction, the insurance sector, IT specialists, is organized by the Sevastopol Real Estate Association of Realtors.

According to the initiators of the event, the main goal of the Conference-2023 is the exchange of information with colleagues. Moreover, we are talking about two formats of communication: there will be both traditional reports on various topical topics, and interaction on the platform of the “discussion club”.

There is less than a week left before the conference, and we have entered the final stretch of preparation. There is already an understanding that there will be many guests who will come from mainland Russia. Crimeans and Sevastopol residents, of course, are also actively involved. The program has already been completed. We will work for two days, and they will be saturated with information— notes the representative of the President of the Russian Guild of Realtors in Crimea Ruslan Marinutsa. — So, on the first day there will be 20 thematic reports. Interesting, on different topics. Two events are planned for the second day. First: the open day of the Russian Guild of Realtors, which will be held in the format of a discussion platform. The «trick» here is that it is the guests of the Conference — representatives, leaders from the regions — who will share their experience with realtors, with the participants of the event. Practical experience. In fact, what cannot be obtained at seminars, “at studies”, etc. It will be a dialogue, discussion, a meeting «without ties» on topical issues. This is what is important, because in each region of the Russian Federation the market developed with its own characteristics. Colleagues went through their difficulties, learned to deal with them, overcome them. Naturally, they are interested in the experience of our specialists in the conditions in which they have been working in recent years. So this form of communication is extremely valuable.

The second event scheduled for the second day of the Conference is the «Builder’s Open Day». Four construction companies present the objects they create, their loyalty and partnership programs. Participants: three Crimean companies and one company from Krasnodar.

As for the first day of the Conference, the organizers say, it will be full of information as much as possible. Built — on the reports of invited speakers.

This year, in order to make the Conference as interesting as possible, we had a requirement for speakers — the complete absence of advertising in the reports. Only useful thematic content. And, accordingly, we selected speakers in such a way that, listening to them, we could get practically applicable information., — emphasizes Ruslan Marinutsa. — And, it should be noted that the interest in the Conference is great this year. Of course, the successful experience of the Conference held in 2022 works. And also, of course, the fact that, in general, the interest in the Crimean peninsula and its real estate market, in particular, has grown recently, plays a role. Fears associated with the development of business here have become much less. Constantly one of the experts comes here, analyze the state of the real estate market, see who does what and how. This suggests that interest in the Crimea and Sevastopol is in a «hot spot».

The program of the first day of the Conference includes three blocks:

First This is legal news. Let’s talk about the current situation, touch on the economy. Naturally, in the context of the real estate market.

Second block — IT-technologies. And this is a very relevant topic, because in connection with the development of digital information platforms, realtors have a certain feeling that they are “pushing” real estate market specialists away from direct communication with the client. But actually it is not. And we want to tell you how a realtor should behave here. That such platforms are not a competitor, but a tool — therefore, you need to learn how to work with it. The Conference will present not so much theory as practice, because the main speakers here are the representative of CIAN and the CEO of the platform. They know this «kitchen» well and, accordingly, will share practical data.

And finally third block the first day of the Conference will be devoted to the Crimea. The Crimeans themselves will talk about the real estate market of the peninsula. To give our guests an idea of ​​the current state of the market and what prospects there are— says Ruslan Marinutsa.

What is the geography of the Conference participants? According to the representative of the President of the Russian Guild of Realtors, more than a hundred specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Crimea, Sevastopol, Voronezh and others will attend the event in person.

There are also colleagues from very distant regions — they even come from Kamchatka! Of course, transport logistics complicates the situation somewhat. Simferopol airport does not work — it is not so easy to get to Crimea. But who wants and understands the importance of such interaction — he goes, — emphasizes Ruslan Marinutsa. — And he participates! For example, Genbank became the general partner of the Conference. Thanks to them for their support. The Bank of Russia also confirmed that it would be present.

We also note the following point here: the first day of the Conference will be broadcast online.

The broadcast is organized by the digital platform Coverage — all of Russia. The platform has about 40 thousand subscribers, so, accordingly, all of them — those who are interested in the real estate market — have the opportunity to become «virtual» participants of the Conference— says Ruslan Marinutsa. — You can also join the Conference offline. Registration for the event continues and will last until May 25.

You can register for the event, as well as get acquainted with the topics of the speeches of the invited speakers, on the official website of the Second All-Russian Conference «Crimean Real Estate — Reality and Prospects»:

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Second All-Russian Conference "Crimean real estate - reality and prospects" - May 26-27. Registration ends! Second All-Russian Conference "Crimean real estate - reality and prospects" - May 26-27. Registration ends!

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