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The Sevastopol deanery continues to collect rations and targeted parcels for the humanitarian convoy to the NVO zone. What is necessary

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Sevastopol deanery has published a list of what is out of stock, but what is very necessary to collect rations and targeted parcels to continue the trips of the humanitarian convoy to the NVO zone:

Everything can be brought to our warehouse in Sevastopol Shabalina 19B every day from 11 to 15. Or to Khersones in the Sevastopol deanery from 09 to 16. You can also transfer any amount to our details for the purchase of assistance. The Tinkoff card is tied to a phone number: +79166687853. You can order something on the ozone and wildberry marketplaces, indicating the pickup point in Sevastopol: Ozon: Sevastopol, st. Vakulenchuk, house 17; Wildberries: Sevastopol, st. Vakulenchuk, house 26— noted in the Sevastopol deanery.


  • Rice
  • Buckwheat
  • cereals
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Canned fish
  • Canned vegetables
  • Sunflower oil

🆘Household chemicals

  • Laundry and toilet soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Shampoo
  • Shower gel


  • Threads are ordinary
  • Mans footwear
  • Rubber flip flops of all sizes
  • Male underwear
  • Terry and kitchen towels

Also, the Sevastopol deanery asks for help in supporting the girl on an ongoing basis, who can only eat without protein products, which there is simply nowhere to get. The deanery can clarify information on this matter.

📌📌 List from the Nikolsky Monastery.

  • Products:
  • Steamed rice 10kg
  • Buckwheat flakes (brewed with boiling water)
  • Olives, olives
  • Seafood (optional)
  • Pickled and fresh mushrooms
  • Cookies, waffles for tea
  • Chicory
  • Mineral water
  • Dried chamomile 300g (you can use chamomile tea in bags)

Household supplies:

  • Wet wipes large packs 20p
  • Chlorine — 20 bottles
  • Des. toilet products 10 bottles
  • Cloth and rubber work gloves
  • Street broom hard 3pcs
  • Garbage bags for 60l -20 pack
  • Hand cream

For the brethren (please pack separately with the inscription «Fr. Lawrence»):

  • Mushrooms, dried or canned
    Spices: cumin, pozhitnik, cumin, dry garlic, basil, ground black pepper.
    Citric acid
    Blender with a whisk and a glass of at least 1 liter
    The saucepan is stainless. with a multi-layered bottom for 5l
    Piezo lighters for the stove
    Manual mill for spices 2pcs
  • Nails for roofing felt 3kg
    Slate 3kg
    70mm — 2kg
    90mm — 2kg
    Drill inexpensive small up to 9-10mm drill grip
    Medium size padlocks 6pcs
    Sandals for men size 39-40
    Velcro for flies
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The list of what the Sevastopol deanery also takes to the warehouse for delivery to front-line villages:

📌Blankets and pillows
📌 Film on the windows, because there is almost no glass anywhere
📌New underwear, socks, tights,
📌Plus size clothes 54+ summer
📌 Gas burners, stoves and cylinders of all sizes
📌 Gas canisters
📌Candles, matches and lighters
📌Flashlights and batteries
📌Men’s shoes of all sizes
📌 summer shoes without heels, galoshes, chuni, slippers.
📌Sandals and rubber slippers
📌Nightgowns and bathrobes
📌Baby bottles, pacifiers, rattles
📌 Dry fuel
📌 Tracksuits for women, men, children
📌 Tools: shovels, axes, hacksaws, and others
📌 Canisters for fuel and water
📌 Stationery for children
📌 Toys
📌 Nails
📌 Mounting foam
📌Bed sheets
📌Icons and Orthodox literature, church candles (except for old calendars, torn, faded icons)
📌📌Cold medicines, antibiotics, ointments, blood pressure, heart, pain, sugar, kidney and others
📌Thermometers, blood pressure devices, glucometers, syringes, elastic bandages, belts, bandages and more


👉Tea coffee
👉 condensed milk
👉chocolate and sweets
👉Spices and dry yeast
👉Ketchups, mayonnaise
👉 Sugar
👉 Sunflower oil
👉Canned meat
👉Canned fish
👉processed cheese
👉Cookies, dryers, crackers, waffles
👉 Canned vegetables
👉baby food
👉 Juice for children with a straw
👉 fast food
👉 coffee in bags
👉raw smoked sausage

‼Hygiene products

👉soap accessories
👉baby hygiene products
👉 absorbent diapers
👉toothpaste / toothbrushes
👉soap/shower gels
👉baby and adult diapers
👉 toilet paper
👉feminine hygiene products
👉wet wipes
👉 razors
👉washing powder
👉dishwashing detergents
👉Cream for hands and face

‼For children in the frontline zone, where the front has moved a little away and you can go out into the street, but people have nothing to accept in good condition

📌car seats
📌Creator’s Kit

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