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The story of bottlenose dolphins in Sevastopol — it's too early to put an end to it

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, in his Telegram noted that all Saturday, scientists, caring Sevastopol residents and volunteers were observing on the coastline of Sevastopol bays in the hope of seeing bottlenose dolphins. Search and observation activities are coordinated by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Sevprirodnadzor, the border service, and the environmental prosecutor’s office of Sevastopol. All these days, Sevprirodnadzor consults with Rosprirodnadzor and acts in agreement with it.

Sevastopol residents are very active, reporting where and when they see dolphins. Our specialists worked out information about the presence of dolphins in the Streletskaya Bay, in the area of ​​the St. Andrew the First-Called Embankment and in the area of ​​Wild Omega. Each message is not left without attention, but so far there are no results. I see that there is a discussion on the topic that since the dolphins have not come to the shore for 3 days, it means that they are fine and do not need to look for them. This is not entirely true. Experts say that it is not known whether the dolphins were healthy or sick, how they were cared for and how they were fed. In this situation, it will be difficult for them to restore the natural hunting skills for self-procurement of food. Perhaps there will be cases of detection of bottlenose dolphins in shallow water in a weakened state. We must continue to observe, especially from the coastline , says Mikhail Razvozhaev.

According to the governor, if bottlenose dolphins leave the Sevastopol Bay, they can be detected by the staff of the Federal Research Center of the InBYuM, who conduct year-round monitoring of dolphins in the entire water area of ​​Crimea:

Scientists believe that it is necessary to continue observations, since the first days will be the most difficult for dolphins to adapt, if they are found, it is important to see the behavior and actions on the high seas in order to make further decisions. To date, it is precisely this algorithm of actions that experts consider the most appropriate due to the fact that there was no necessary readaptation of dolphins before releasing them into the sea.

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