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The tourist portal of Crimea tells where to go to a poor student on Tatyana's Day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Every year in Russia 21 January is Student’s Day, or, as it is also called, Tatyana’s Day — after the name of the Great Martyr Tatyana, who is considered the patroness of all Russian students. In honor of this event, Crimea Travel Portal Travel Crimea has prepared a poster of the most interesting events.

The action «Student, gather friends — bring to the museum!»

Such a promotion from 21 January to February 1 is offered in the city — Hero of the Sevastopol Military Historical Museum-Reserve and Museum «Underground Sevastopol». Its essence is that, having paid for a tour of the «Pushkin card», a student of the university will receive a second ticket for free and thus be able to bring a friend with him.

So, the museum-reserve will offer students to study the expositions of the Malakhov Kurgan, Sapun Mountain, the House-Museum of the Sevastopol Underground 978-1944 years. (St. Revyakina, 25), the Cathedral of St. Vladimir — the tombs of admirals ( Suvorova street, 3), get acquainted with the bright pages of the military chronicle of the city, feel the courage and bravery of its defenders during the Crimean and Great Patriotic Wars.

«Underground Sevastopol», or «Object C-2» (Lenin St., 31) is an operating anti-nuclear shelter of the highest protection category, built in 50 years. In peacetime it functions as a museum.

Here you can feel the atmosphere of life in an autonomous bunker, see an exhibition of civil defense technological devices from different eras. «

«Sports Student Night» is a project of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, which annually 18 January is held in different regions of the Russian Federation.

In Simferopol, according to the already established tradition, this event will take place at the ice rink of the Meganom shopping mall. Crimean students can participate in it. Time: from : 30 before 19: . The program includes relay races and competitions, a master class in skating, as well as free skating.

Pre-registration is required at link.

By the way, the Meganoma ice rink provides students with a special price on an ongoing basis — 90 rubles for one hour of skating. Opening hours: daily from : before 21: . Address: Simferopol, st. Evpatoria highway, 8.

Free admission to the Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Traditionally 25 January Nikitsky Botanical Garden invites students free of charge and Tatyan — upon presentation, respectively, of a student and a passport.

Over the 210-year history, the NBS has acquired truly unique plants that you will not find anywhere else. Today it is a unique monument of garden and park art. Here at any time of the year something blooms. For example, because of the abnormally warm January, bright pink buds of Japanese quince blossomed, snow-white inflorescences of viburnum Farrera opened, roses began to smell fragrant.

About what locations of the garden are available to tourists — here. In winter, all garden parks are open from 9: before 17: 00 (the box office closes one hour earlier). Address: Yalta, Nikita village, Nikitsky descent, 31.

Free quiz «Agony of Chersonesos»

Such a gift is given to students by the museum-reserve «Tauric Chersonese». The participants of the intellectual quiz will have to brainstorm, armed with logic and erudition. The key topic is the history and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome. There will be many tasks dedicated to theater, architecture, sculpture, religion and daily activities of the Hellenes.

«Agony of Chersonesos» consists of 6 rounds, which differ in the level of complexity and format. Points are awarded for correct answers. The top performers in this exciting challenge will win prizes.

The main condition is to assemble a team of 2 to 5 people and register in advance by calling +7 210 94-50-. Participants with student ID cards are waiting for 25 January at 10: 00 in the Garden of Miniatures of Chersonese . Address: Sevastopol, st. Ancient, 1.

Library non-stop «Rejoice, student! Learn and hello! ”

The action will be held by the Crimean Republican Library for Youth. Visitors will get acquainted with the history of the Student’s Day and with the long traditions of its celebration. Library staff will present a bright video presentation, interesting contests, stories and stories — in a word, everything that will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fun and carefree student life. In addition, everyone will be able to study both popular science and fiction of various genres and trends, intended for the younger generation. Start — at 00: . Free admission. Address: Simferopol, st. Kechkemetskaya, 81a.

Live Music Show and Ice Cream Ball

A beautiful holiday for Tatyana will arrange 25 January and Sevastopol art Cafe «Snezhinka» This evening, a concert show of live music will be presented by the famous performer Maestro Max: saxophone, trumpet and piano will sound.

In addition, all Tatyanas will receive a scoop of author’s ice cream as a gift, because Snezhinka is famous for offering more than 90 flavors of this homemade delicacy from natural berries and fruits.

Entrance — 81 rubles, and for Tatyana — free. The main thing is not to forget to take your passport or driver’s license with you. Table reservation: +7 210 94-31-150. Address: Sevastopol, st. Bolshaya Morskaya, 15.

Premier of the musical extravaganza «Scarlet Sails»

On Student’s Day, the Sevastopol Theater for Young Spectators will present the first premiere 2023 of the year — the musical extravaganza «Scarlet Sails» based on the novel by Alexander Grin. The performance, filled with choreography, music and songs, will be a real gift to the youth audience of the Youth Theater, for which «Scarlet Sails» is not just the title of a book, but a symbol of change, a dream come true, a miracle created by one’s own hands.

The stage director and the author of the staging is the Honored Artist of Russia Olga Pankratova, the set designer, Honored Art Worker of the city of Sevastopol Tatiana Karasyova is responsible for the scenography. Screenings will take place 17 and 21 January at 17: 30, as well as 26 January at : and 18: Age limit: 12+. Tickets can be purchased at the theater box office or online. Address: Sevastop ol, Gagarin Ave., 10.

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