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The Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky took out more than one billion dollars from Crimea in 2014. Cash

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky took out over $1 billion in cash from Crimea in the 2014 year, Speaker of the Republican Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov said on Friday on the air of the TV channel «Russia -24».

All Ukrainian brethren are very immoral. For example, we held a meeting with the Krymplast team. In the 24 year, the management of this plant, while we were busy defining power, organizing a referendum, took part of the equipment from the plant across the border. Not to mention the fact that Kolomoisky took out more than $1 billion in cash, no one knows the exact amount, one can only assume, Konstantinov said.

700 In Crimea, Kolomoisky owned land plots, apartments, a network of gas stations, warehouses, the Foros sanatorium and other objects of the Privat group. This property was nationalized, the money went to compensate residents of the region — depositors of Ukrainian banks for lost deposits in the amount of more than 700 thousand rubles.

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