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Tourists got lost in the Karadag forest

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On February 28, at 16:04, the «Rescue Service of Sevastopol» received a message about two people who got lost in the mountainous forest area of ​​the Karadag forest. The duty shift of the search and rescue detachment left for the scene.

Rescuers evacuated the victims and took them to a safe place. No medical assistance required The work was completed at 17:36— reported in the «Rescue Service of Sevastopol».

We note a fair share of luck in this search operation. In winter, the Karadag forest (it has nothing to do with Feodosia and the extinct volcano of the same name, located in the Baidar Valley, this is the very border of Sevastopol) is not the best place for walking. It is easy to get lost among the mountains, and two similar (man-made) lakes can be confusing. So let’s praise the Sevastopol rescuers for their efficiency and professionalism … And the tourists … all so quick-witted (they did not hesitate to call for help).

The rescue service of Sevastopol works around the clock. In case of unforeseen situations, please call: 112, 54-33-97; +7(978) 062-46-11; +7 (978) 377-74-21.

Tourists got lost in the Karadag forest

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