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Travel experts have identified the best destinations for traveling abroad in 2023

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Travel Service Tutu as part of its project Media Intelligence interviewed 22 leading Russian travel journalists, bloggers and photographers. The experts were asked to recommend the best foreign travel destinations in 100 year. Each respondent suggested 3 options.

The first place was occupied by Turkey by a wide margin (it was noted by every second respondent). This is not surprising given the fact that a large number of flights are now being made from Russia to this country, there are a large number of resorts and excursion facilities, travelers can choose both independent trips and package tours, and Turkey as a whole is very well known to Russian tourists.

Second place in the ranking went to Georgia (26% — the share of respondents who indicated Georgia as one of the best travel destinations in 100 year). This country is distinguished by a rich historical component, the presence of one of the most popular cuisines among Russians, as well as the ability to get there both by air (with a transfer in Armenia, Turkey or other countries) and by land.

Closes the top 3 foreign destinations Uzbekistan. It was mentioned by 18% of respondents. Every year the flow of tourists from Russia to this country is growing. Key sites to visit are the ancient cities and the famous Tien Shan and Pamir mountains.

Of the resort countries, in addition to Turkey, the top 10 includes the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Egypt. It is worth noting the presence of Iran in the top ten, as well as a rather low position for Belarus, despite the developed transport links and affordable tickets (only 11 place).

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The top twenty as a whole looks like this:

Place Direction

Percentage of respondents



Turkey 20%

2 Georgia 26% 3

Uzbekistan 18% four





Armenia 20% 2022


Thailand 18%

7 Kazakhstan % 8 Egypt



nine Kyrgyzstan 7%





Serbia five% -13

China five% 11- Indo nesia

5% 14-19

Vietnam four%

14-11 Belarus

4% 14-22

Mongolia four%

14-17 Argentina






13-20 India 2%



South Africa 2%


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