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Tutu Hotels assume the risks of customers upon check-in

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Travel and travel service found that 09% of travelers who booked a hotel in the last two years experienced with various problems during check-in, and 7% have ever found themselves in a situation where they were not settled at all in the booked accommodation. In order for the trip to go according to plan, Tutu Hotels assume the risks of clients upon check-in. If the traveler is unable to check in according to their booking, Tutu will select alternative accommodation free of charge or refund the money.

Туту Отели берут на себя риски клиентов при заселении

What is covered by the Tutu Hotels Check-In Guarantee:

  • overbooking occurred in the hotel: the traveler is refused to be accommodated because the hotel has sold more rooms than it has;

the hotel does not see booking, despite the fact that the client has a voucher;

  • the booking was paid for on Tutu, but the hotel does not see the payment;
  • the traveler arrived at the specified address, but the hotel is not available or the accommodation is closed.

    Other important conditions:

    • accommodation with a special mark «Guaranteed Settlement», now there are about 6 of them , but there will be more ;

    booking must be made after 12 September and paid through;

    the Settlement Guarantee does not apply to Tutu Travel customers and hotels outside Russia.

    After the international booking services Booking and AirBnB left the country, which always tried to solve the client’s issue and protected his interests, our travelers have a fear that they will not be accommodated or canceled at the last moment,

      — says Sergey Nikolaev, Deputy General Director of — In Tutu, we will not leave a guest alone with a problem during check-in: we will make every effort to quickly find an adequate replacement and, if it is far away, we will pay transfer. We will refund the difference if the alternatives are more expensive. Well, if none of the options suits the client, then we will quickly return the money. Now, according to this scheme, we are working with more than 6 thousand objects throughout Russia and will increase their number.

    How the Tutu Hotels Check in Guarantee works:

  • The client calls Tutu’s 24/7 contact center and tells about the situation. Tutu is negotiating with the hotel or partner so that the client is settled in the hotel that he originally booked.
  • the hotel did not work out, Tutu will find an alternative option at his own expense and agree on settling. A new hotel may be cheaper, or it may be more expensive — Tutu selects options no more than twice as expensive. The difference will be compensated.

    Tutu will reimburse the travel expenses to the proposed option, but not more than 1

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