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Ukraine tried to strike at the Kremlin at night

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Ukraine made an attempt to hit the Kremlin with drones, but the attack was successfully repulsed, informs press service of the President of Russia.

Tonight, the Kyiv regime attempted to strike with unmanned aerial vehicles on the Kremlin residence of the President of the Russian Federation— stated in the Kremlin.

According to the press service of the Head of State,two unmanned aerial vehicles were aimed at the Kremlin«.

As a result of timely actions taken by the military and special services using radar warfare systems, the vehicles were put out of action., the Kremlin stressed. — As a result of their fall and the scattering of fragments on the territory of the Kremlin, there were no victims or material damage.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was not injured and continues to work as usual.

The Kremlin regards the attack attempt by the Kyiv regime as a planned terrorist act and an attempt on the life of the President of the Russian Federation on the eve of Victory Day.

We regard these actions as a planned terrorist act and an attempt on the life of the President of the Russian Federation, carried out on the eve of Victory Day, the May 9 parade, at which the presence of foreign guests is also planned.the message says.

Russia reserves the right to respond to an attempted strike on the Kremlin where and when it sees fit, the Kremlin added.

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