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«Ukraine wins.» In the PR war in the Western media — for sure

CrimeaPRESS reports:

drone attack and fire at the oil depot in Sevastopol were needed … for the «picture» and the formation of public opinion in the West. Do you think we’re exaggerating?

Attack of the tank farm in Sevastopol with drones is one of the elements of preparation for the Ukrainian counteroffensive. This was stated by the head of the press center of the «Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine» Natalia Gumenyuk.

Her phrase was picked up by the Western media, whose readers are perplexed, where is the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced for more than a month. It turns out that «everything is going according to plan» here it is «preparation». With fire and smoke. No casualties. Without meaning.

Gumenyuk called what happened in the Crimea «operation to undermine the logistics of Russian troops«, adding that soon this operation will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine «move to full-scale operations at the front«.

The enemy feels that his resources have been undermined, and begins to maneuver— said Gumenyuk.

Uh. What? Where to maneuver? How to maneuver?

It doesn’t matter! Ukraine «wins». The most free press will not lie.

«Ukraine strikes back.» “A huge fire at an oil depot in Crimea after a drone attack.” The attack on Sevastopol achieved its main goal — British covers with the message «Ukraine wins.» PR wars, they are.

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