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Unexpectedly: summer residents want to offer preferential prices for gas and electricity

CrimeaPRESS reports:

All Russian summer residents will be able to switch to the so-called rural, or lowering, electricity tariff. So, pay for the light is almost two times less. Now such norms, notes Russian newspaper, are valid in half of the regions (the size is set by local authorities) and only for houses recognized as residential. It is proposed to extend rural tariffs to all country houses and buildings, regardless of their degree of capitalization.

This was told to «RG» by the chairman of the Union of Gardeners of Russia, State Duma deputy Oleg Valenchuk. He said that the issue was considered at the working group under the government commission on horticulture. The details are already being worked out with the Ministry of Energy. According to FAS estimates, in order to extend this benefit to the entire country, it will be necessary to compensate for up to 8 billion rubles of shortfall in income.

Also at the meeting of the working group, representatives of the Ministry of Energy reported that horticultural partnerships are planned to be included in the second stage of the social gasification program, which will begin after 2024. So far, the law implies that the pipe can be extended to the borders of SNT for free. Members of the partnership must take further steps to connect on their own at their own expense. It’s expensive, but it still cuts costs. In addition, some SNTs conducted gas through their territories earlier, until 2021. In both cases, we are dealing with private gas pipelines that were built by those who wanted to gasify their country houses. Such gas pipelines were built not only in SNT, but also in summer cottages, villages, villages, etc.

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If SNTs fall under the program of social gasification, then with a high degree of probability the already existing problem with connecting new users to the gas network through such private gas pipelines will aggravate.

According to Ivan Melnikov, vice-president of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, these gas pipelines were made with the expectation that new users would connect to them for money. Thus, people tried to recoup the invested funds and the cost of maintaining the infrastructure. In different regions, the cost of such gas pipelines ranged from 1-1.5 million rubles. Now, according to the rules of social gasification (if there are no technical restrictions), these gas pipelines can be used to connect new users for free. The law explicitly states that the owners of gas pipelines cannot obstruct this. At the same time, the law does not regulate in any way the compensation or purchase of such small private gas pipelines from their owners. And people invested their personal funds in these gas pipelines, sometimes they took out loans from banks for this.

If SNT gets into the social gasification program, then the number of such litigations will greatly increase. Moreover, without the adoption of a law on compensation, the outcome of these courts will be almost a foregone conclusion. And as a result, all this can affect the security of local gas networks. After all, the responsibility for maintaining and repairing these gas pipelines remains the responsibility of their owners.

source: Russian newspaper

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