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Vaccination campaign of seedlings of fruit crops started in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Andrey Savchuk, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea, announced that a grafting campaign for seedlings of fruit crops has begun in Crimea. The volume of planting material grown for fruit crops last year amounted to 2.7 million pieces.

In the republic, 24 agricultural enterprises produce planting material for fruit crops. According to the agrotechnological terms, the nursery breeders started copulation, that is, grafting with a cutting. The grafting process allows you to get the necessary variety-rootstock combination. Thanks to this procedure, it is also possible to improve winter hardiness, drought resistance, and the immunity of a young plant. Budding — eye grafting will be carried out by budding specialists in August-September. This is a favorable period for holding such an event in the conditions of the Crimea. Now, the development of domestic nursery farming in the Crimea is facilitated by an increase in state support for planting orchards and an increase in prices for imported seedlings. This year, more than 900 million rubles are provided for the development of the horticulture industry. This includes the laying of perennial plantations, including nurseries, and the installation of trellises, anti-hail nets, and uprooting of old gardens. Let me remind you that now the ministry is accepting applications for subsidies in these areas, which can be submitted until March 15 inclusive— commented the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Crimea.

The minister also noted that one of the enterprises that is currently undergoing a vaccination campaign is a nursery in the Nizhnegorsk region of Sad-Pitomnik LLC.

Up to 5,000 pieces per day are grafted here. The main varieties of apple seedlings that are grown in the nursery and, accordingly, carry out such a procedure are Idared, Jokos, Gransit, Lady Krym, Gold Krym, Fujina, Brabwell and others. Employees of the nursery graft the graft — this is the varietal part, cuttings cut from trees to the stock M9 — the root part, both manually and on machines. After that, the plants are stored in the refrigerator at the optimum temperature, and then planted in the field. Crimean seedlings are purchased by both enterprises that operate on the peninsula and mainland horticultural organizations.Andrey Savchuk says.

The head of the Crimean Ministry of Agriculture also noted that the total area of ​​fruit plantations in the Crimean gardens is 16.7 thousand hectares, of which more than 11 thousand hectares are already producing a good harvest.

Thanks to the powerful state support that farmers receive annually, the area of ​​young orchards has increased more than 6 times since 2014. If 9 years ago, 194 hectares were planted a year, then last year more than 1,000 hectares of new perennial plantations were planted, and in 2023 it is planned to plant fruit trees on an area of ​​more than 900 hectares. So, from 2014 to 2022, 7.9 thousand hectares of young gardens were planted in the republic. An increase in the volume of planting orchards directly leads to an increase in the demand for high-quality planting material. Also during this time, financial support for gardeners has increased significantly. And if in 2014 it was almost 62 million rubles, now it has already reached 900 million rubles.Andrey Savchuk notes.

Reference: The level of the average annual gross production of fruit and berry products in the Republic of Crimea is more than 100 thousand tons. For example, in 2022, horticultural enterprises received a crop of 177.6 thousand tons. In total, more than a million tons of fruits and berries have been harvested since 2014.

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