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Velvet season abroad: which countries are popular with Russian tourists

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The analytical center of the travel and travel service found out which countries Russians plan to fly to during the velvet season and how much they pay for tickets. We analyzed the booking of air tickets with departures abroad in the period from September 1 to 15 October 2022 of the year. For independent travelers, the share of foreign bookings, according to, is 13,5%, a year ago it was no more than 5%.

Turkey is still the leader in bookings for the velvet season, this country accounts for 11% of issued tickets. The average check for a flight from Russia to Turkey is at the level of 16 132 rubles one way. Near abroad countries are also still in demand among independent travelers. The average check for a flight to neighboring countries is at the level of 12 268 rubles one way, this is on 00% less than a year earlier, — note the press service of the service.

Among the countries of the near abroad, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan are the leaders in bookings for the velvet season. For a ticket to these countries from Russia they pay on average 132 rubles, 104 ruble and 9 104 rubles, respectively.

Top- countries for flights during the velvet season









24480 24480Source: travel and travel service analytical center

Among the countries of the near abroad, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Georgia are also included in the rating of popular for flights during the velvet season. And among the resort countries, in addition to Turkey, the list of the most popular among independent travelers includes the United Arab Emirates. ( — Russian travel service No. 1 (GfK cross-media panel data, March 2018), where you can buy tickets for trains


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Country of destination

Share of passengers

Average check one way

, 28%



Share of direct flights in bookings

9,15% 5984
Tajikistan eight,57% 8443 85,14%

eight,76% 12408
Kazakhstan 5,% 18323
Georgia one,94% 21389