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Vladimir Putin signed a decree on military training of reservists. Who will be affected by «retraining»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree calling up Russian citizens who are in reserve for military training in 2023. The document was published on Wednesday on the official portal legal information.

Call up in 2023 citizens of the Russian Federation who are in reserve to undergo military training in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, state security bodies and bodies of the Federal Security Servicethe document says.

The Government of the Russian Federation and the executive authorities of the constituent entities were instructed to ensure the implementation of measures related to the conscription of citizens for military training and the holding of these training camps. The Decree comes into force from the day of its publication.

legal basis.

Gatherings of citizens of the Russian Federation who are in the reserve of the Armed Forces are a planned event to improve the combat skills of reservists and are held annually. The President of the Russian Federation signs a decree on calling up reserve servicemen for training camps. Based on the decree of the Head of State, the mobilization department of the Ministry of Defense prepares a corresponding directive, which is sent to the military registration and enlistment offices of the regions. Only after that, the dispatch of subpoenas to citizens in the reserve begins.

According to the federal law «On Military Duty and Military Service», citizens from the reserve are called up for training («retraining») — persons who have completed military service, graduates of military departments released from the army upon reaching 27 years of age, and even citizens who have completed alternative service.

In addition, reservists are also called to the training camp — citizens who, after serving in the army, have concluded a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on enrollment in the mobilization reserve.

The federal law establishes restrictions and age qualifications. So, according to Art. 55 employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, teachers, full-time students, senators, citizens with three or more minor children, persons with an outstanding criminal record and citizens with a reservation for the period of mobilization are exempt from fees. Fees may also be exempted for health reasons or in the case of guardianship of minor relatives.

As for age restrictions, privates and sergeants under the age of 35 are subject to conscription, junior officers (from junior lieutenant to captain) — up to 50 years old, senior officers — up to 55 years old.

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Rules for conducting fees regulated Government Decree No. 333.

Military training is understood as a set of measures to prepare citizens for military service.the document says.

Such training can be carried out in the form ofscheduled classes, exercises, drills and practical work on the maintenance of weapons, military equipment and other emergency supplies«.

What is a «military charge»?

Military fees can be of two types — training and testing (“to check the combat and mobilization readiness of military units and military registration and enlistment offices”). The place and time of the training camp are determined by the Ministry of Defense. Separately, it is stipulated that their duration cannot exceed two months. When calling for training, a medical examination is carried out. At the time of the training, citizens participating in them acquire the status of military personnel.

By law, persons in the reserve can be sent to military training no more than once in three years. At the same time, the total duration of military training, to which a citizen is involved for the entire time he is in the reserve, should not exceed 12 months. At the time of training, the reservists retain their jobs, they are entitled to the payment of average earnings and reimbursement of travel expenses, which are compensated by the Ministry of Defense. At the same time, the employee is entitled to a salary according to military position and rank.

All those who received the summons are required to arrive at the place of call within two days.

Responsibility for failure to appear at military training is established by Art. 21.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation on the failure by citizens to fulfill their military registration obligations. We are talking about a fine from 500 to 3 thousand rubles.

Reservists cannot be involved in the performance of combat missions, act during the introduction of a state of emergency and in conditions of armed conflicts. They are also not assigned weapons or equipment, disciplinary arrest is not applied to storekeepers.

The number of reservists called up and the distribution of their contingents among the military districts of Russia is classified information and is not published in decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.

According to TASS and Kommersant.

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