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We calculated: houses on plots for individual housing construction are 70% more expensive than objects on horticultural land

CrimeaPRESS reports:

More and more Russians, say in CYANOGEN, choose a private house as the main place to live. Therefore, the presence of permanent registration becomes an important factor. How this and other factors affect prices — in the review of Cyan.Analytics.


  • The cost of a house on IZHS land is 70% higher than for objects on garden plots. For three years, prices in both segments have increased by 2.2–2.3 times.
  • In terms of the size of the house, IZHS is 37% larger than the objects located on horticultural lands. The area of ​​the former has decreased by a quarter since 2020, while the area of ​​the latter has decreased by only 6%.
  • The most common area of ​​the IZHS land plot is from 6 to 12 acres.
  • Only 3.6% of houses for sale in Russia are available in organized cottage settlements. Over the year, the share increased by 1 p.p.
  • The largest share of houses in organized settlements of the total volume for sale is in the capital region (14.5%) and the Leningrad Region (8.3%). The indicator is increasing against the backdrop of growing developer activity.
  • IZHS houses in the cottage settlements of the capital region are 82% more expensive than IZHS houses outside them.

Houses on the lands of IZHS and SNT are becoming more expensive at a comparable pace

The average cost of a house on a plot for individual housing construction is on average 70% higher in the country than for objects on plots for gardening. In 2021, the price difference was twofold, but due to the gradual reduction in the area of ​​​​houses for permanent residence, the difference in the budget is decreasing.

The average cost of a house in Russia on the IZHS site is 11.7 million rubles. This is 17% higher than a year ago.

An object on horticultural land costs an average of 6.9 million rubles, which is 26% more than the same indicator a year earlier.

Since 2020, houses on IZHS lands have risen in price by 2.2 times, and on gardening lands — by 2.3 times. Thus, objects in both segments are becoming more expensive at comparable rates. The main growth came in 2021–2022 — +60% and +66%, respectively.

Only in North Ossetia and the Irkutsk region, houses on IZHS land are on average cheaper than houses on plots for gardening — by 10 and 3%, respectively. The situation is reversed for other regions. The most noticeable gap is in the Belgorod region (285%), the Komi Republic (256%), Bryansk (243%), Kirov (229%) and Kursk (201%) regions.

In Moscow, houses on IZHS land are 80% more expensive (36.35 million rubles versus 20.14 million), in the Moscow Region — by 158% (28.3 million versus 10.96 million). In general, in the Moscow region, objects on plots for individual housing construction cost 32.3 million rubles, and on territories for gardening — 15.6 million rubles.

Houses on land under individual housing construction are larger by 37%

In the spring of 2023, the country market showed a minimal difference in the area of ​​IZHS houses and gardening lands — 157.2 sq. m against 114.4 sq. m (37%). Three years ago, the gap was 73% — 210.8 square meters. m against 121.7 sq. m.

Thus, over three years, houses on IZHS lands have become smaller by a quarter, while houses on gardening plots have “lost” only 6%.

The largest houses in terms of area, located on lands for individual housing construction and put up for sale, are located in Ingushetia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Chechnya, Smolensk and Moscow regions. On average, their size is more than 250 «squares».

The smallest objects in terms of area on the lands of individual housing constructions are located in Transbaikalia, Novgorod and Kurgan regions, Tyva and Altai (on average — up to 100 sq. m).

Half of the houses on IZHS lands are located on plots of 6-12 acres

The area of ​​land with houses is also decreasing. The most common plot size for a IZHS facility is 6–12 acres (48%). Compared to 2020, the share increased, but slightly (+2%). The growth was due to a decrease in the share of objects in larger areas: 23% on 12-25 acres against 27% three years ago. Only 6% of IZHS houses are located on plots of 25 acres or more.

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For those who choose horticultural land instead of individual housing construction, the most common plot area is also 6–12 acres (62%). Every 10th object is located on an area of ​​12–25 acres. That is, buyers overpay when buying a house on land for individual construction, not only for its legal status, but also for a large plot area on average. The maximum share of objects in territories from 25 acres (more than a quarter) is in the Lipetsk region and Chuvashia.

Houses in organized cottage settlements cost twice as much

The lack of infrastructure for a country house is one of the main problems. The solution to the issue is the acquisition of real estate in an organized cottage settlement, where developers provide for a certain infrastructure set. But only 3.6% of all houses for sale are presented in this format.

A year ago, on average in the Russian Federation, the share of houses in organized settlements was 2.6% of the total. The number of such options increased by 29% over the year, and the number of houses outside the villages decreased by 9%. Such dynamics is the result of the release of new projects from developers, mastering the suburban market as a new direction.

The largest share of houses sold in organized cottage settlements is in the capital region — 5.5 thousand houses in March 2023, or 14.5%. A year ago, the same figure was 3.8 thousand objects, or 12.9% of the total.

In Moscow and the Moscow region, the cost of houses in organized cottage settlements in the capital region is almost twice as high as in other objects — 40.6 million rubles against 23.2 million. A year ago, the difference was also two-fold — 43.4 million against 21.2 million .

In addition to their own infrastructure, a single architectural style and a protected area, buyers of cottage villages have a choice of large areas. In cottage villages, this is an average of 304 sq. m against 210 sq. m in other houses.

If the buyers of the capital, along with the belonging of a house to a cottage village, also have the status of individual housing construction, then the average cost becomes even higher: 52.8 million rubles in a cottage village for 349 sq. m against 29 million for «unorganized» options, the average area for them is 260 sq. m. The difference in price is 82%.

In addition to the capital region, more than 5% of the total supply of houses in cottage settlements is occupied in the Leningrad Region (8.3%), the cost of such objects is 16.2 million versus 9.8 million for other options. In other regions, the proportion of houses in organized settlements is even lower: residents use urban infrastructure.

In cottage settlements, on average, it will be possible to buy a house on a slightly larger plot area. For example, in the metropolitan area, where almost every seventh object for sale is located in a cottage settlement, 30% of houses are located on 12-25 acres versus 26% for “unorganized” houses. Only 6% of houses in organized settlements have a plot area of ​​less than 6 acres.

Over the past three years, the distribution of «novelties» of the suburban market on lands for individual housing construction and for gardening has not changed: one house on the lands of SNT goes out for three new IZHS houses. That is, the Russians really have a greater choice of houses for permanent residence. However, it is in cottage settlements that the minimum number of objects— notes the head of Cyan.Analysts Alexei Popov.

Expé RT emphasized that in 2023, on average in the country, only 4% of IZHS houses went on sale as part of cottage settlements, and in 2020 this share was even lower — 2.5%.

Against the backdrop of record volumes of housing commissioning, the population remains an almost undeveloped niche for the construction of full-fledged cottage settlements. It is the lack of public infrastructure that becomes one of the reasons why the suburban format is not suitable for everyone. And without large investors, the situation changes little, — summed up the expert.

source: CYANOGEN

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