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We meet spring with Complivit

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Early spring is a difficult time for our body. Long cold winter months with short daylight hours, prolonged stay indoors, and not in the fresh air, lack of vitamins weaken our body, which affects our condition. There is a way out — you need to support the body with a special vitamin-mineral complex.

Spring Fever

In the spring, as a rule, we get sick with ARVI more often, we feel tired, tired, lethargic, or, conversely, we often get irritated. There are also unpleasant external changes: the skin becomes dry, the nails brittle, the hair is excessively split and becomes duller, vision often deteriorates, bleeding gums appear. Old chronic diseases may worsen. Blame the seasonal lack of vitamins.

Unfortunately, we cannot bring summer closer with long sunny days and fresh vegetables and fruits. But we can solve the problem of beriberi with the help of special vitamin-mineral complexes. These funds protect our body, strengthen the immune system, add strength to us during mental and physical stress.

How to cope with a vitamin deficiency in the spring

One of the most popular vitamin and mineral complexes in Russia is Complivit. As noted by the online publication, this drug was developed taking into account the physiological needs of the inhabitants of Russia, its balanced composition covers the needs for all the most important essential minerals and vitamins in the optimal dosage. At the same time, thanks to a special technology of separate granulation, the compatibility of all components is ensured — minerals and vitamins enter our body unchanged and are absorbed in the same way as any useful substances from food.

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Under the Complivit brand, a very wide range of vitamin and mineral complexes is offered: tonic preparations, products for female beauty, vitamins for children — for example, Complivit Active chewing with a banana or cherry flavor with a reduced sugar content. A wide range and high quality are complemented by an affordable price.

Taking vitamin and mineral complexes, combined with proper nutrition and outdoor walks, will help you strengthen your body, recover from a cold winter, and meet the summer in good shape and good mood.

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