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We remind you: insurance pensions are indexed by 4.8% from January 1

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Since January 1, insurance pensions of Russians are indexed by 4.8%. The increase affects 19, 1 million non-working pensioners, whose payments will be increased by an average of 1,000 rubles a month. As a result of indexation, the average old-age pension will increase to 21, 9 thousand rubles. At the same time, indexation is individual for each pensioner and depends on the amount of the pension received.

Simultaneously with payments to current pensioners, the pension rights of future pensioners are also indexed from the new year. This happens through a 4.8% increase in the cost of the pension coefficient and fixed payment, which form the insurance pension. The cost of the coefficient in January increases from 123, ruble to 123,77 rubles, the amount of a fixed payment — from 7 220,74 ruble up to 7 567,33 ruble.

In connection with the New Year holidays, some pensioners receive payments for January ahead of schedule. The pension comes to them in an increased amount, taking into account the indexation. The indexed funds have already been delivered to many pensioners. Early enrollment of pensions will be fully completed 30 in December and will only affect payments through banks. Delivery of pensions by mail will begin on January 3 and will take place in accordance with the work schedule of branches in each region.

Recall that this year the insurance pensions of non-working pensioners were increased in January by 5.9%, and in February they were additionally indexed on behalf of the President to 8.6%. As a result of two increases, the old-age insurance pension has increased on average by 1.21 thousand rubles a month since January and amounted to almost thousand rubles.

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On June 1 2022 the pensions of non-working pensioners were additionally indexed by %. The average amount of old-age payments increased by 1.8 thousand rubles to ,8 thousand rubles.

According to the information of the Social Fund of Russia.

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