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Welcome: Welcome-pack is given to new employees in 15% of Crimean companies

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The welcome-pack is part of the employee onboarding program and is a useful and pleasant welcome gesture from the company. SuperJob, a highly paid job search service, found out whether companies in Crimea give gifts to newcomers. Representatives of companies took part in the survey.

Welcome kits are given to new employees by 15% of employers. In 79% of companies, this practice has not yet been implemented. Most often, welcome-sets include stationery (notebooks, pens, diaries with corporate symbols), as well as small souvenirs (shopper bags, mugs and calendars)— noted in the press service of the service.

Time of event: March 2-10, 2023

What gifts are most often given to new employees on the first day of work (contextual analysis of comments, in descending order of the number of mentions)

1. Notepad
2. Handle
3. Shopping bag
4. Diary
5. Calendar
6. Thermal mug / mug
7. Other (router, sticker pack, waist bag, etc.)

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