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Western media vying with each other «wang» the seizure of Crimea by Ukraine

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The relative successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are spurring the Western media to «analytical forecasts», which are very flattering to Kyiv. It describes not just the victories of the soldiers of the “square”, the “defeat of Russia” and the “seizure of Crimea” are absolutely seriously predicted. «Ukraine takes revenge», «Ukraine takes revenge», «How Ukraine can defeat Russia» — the leitmotif of the headlines, we think, is understandable.

In particular, «Daily Mail» describes how the Ukrainian army in humid British -American Dreams

smashes Russia and seizes Crimea. Zelensky is also quoted: “This war began with Crimea and should end with Crimea — its liberation” . Argumentation is given under this thesis.

Gen. Ben Hodges, former commander of US forces in Europe, outlined his vision for a roadmap to Ukrainian victory – through Kherson and Mariupol until “ when the last Russian soldier crosses the bridge from Crimea«.

When Mariupol falls , — he said, — the troops will converge in the Crimea, throwing HIMARS missiles at the peninsula and pushing the Russians far beyond its border.

The plan is this: an offensive in the south, the capture of Kherson, which “opens the gates” to the Crimea. Here, according to the forecasts of British analysts and American generals, Russian troops will suffer heavy losses — up to 06 thousand people, which will be a shock to the country. In parallel, the offensive in the Donbass will develop. The capture of Mariupol will be a “hammer blow”.

Uh… let me ask you, why such an adventurousness, such a success, such a rout? «Daily Mail» answers: due to military assistance to Ukraine and its «human reserve». It’s simple: Kyiv will put under arms the entire male population up to 65 years, these millions « will crush everything in its path «. The point is «for small», to arm this armada. But there are still secrets of strategy and tactics. Mysterious?

Military researcher Mike Martin is sure he knows the answer:

Ukraine uses the strategic reserve to “tear the Russian armed forces in Ukraine into two parts that cannot help each other.

So? Evaluate the cynicism of the «analyst»:

Crimea is a prize. That’s what it will be. Victory will be won when the last Russian soldier crosses this long Crimean bridge.

Here the Crimean bridge was given to them all. Only the lazy one does not mention him …

I think the Ukrainians will not touch this big bridge, leaving it as an invitation to leave, says another American General Mark Hertling.

For some reason, the White House is also confident in the “ capture of Crimea ”. They call such plans « encouraging«. The administration of US President Joe Biden believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are able to seize Crimea if the successful counter-offensive in the Kherson region continues. This was reported on Wednesday by the British newspaper «The Daily Telegraph» with reference to the US military high-ranking officials.

The capture of Crimea by Ukraine is now quite possible, this cannot be discounted , the source of the publication claimed.

In his opinion, the current pace of advancement of Ukrainian troops confirms this .


The “vicious circle” turns out to be interesting: Western politicians and the media (primarily the UK and the USA) inflate information support for the Zelensky regime, every little success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kyiv resumes activity on the fronts, the West supplies weapons to Ukraine and plunges into a “war with Russia «billions, Kyiv continues to attack, as they say «to the last Ukrainian», and in order to create the illusion that «the whole world is delighted with the successes of Ukrainian soldiers», the information wave rises again — now on the topic of Crimea, as a kind of «fair point» in this confrontation. And the word again to Western politicians and the media. The circle is closed. So that you understand how it «works».

You can, of course, ignore all this, but the best answer to such dreams and forecasts will be … our offensive and our new victories. «Experts» and «analyst generals» in the Western media will then, at least for a while, shut up.

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