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What the Head of the Republic of Crimea told the President of Russia today

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov made a report at a meeting chaired by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

First, Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are fulfilling your instruction regarding the participants in the special military operation in full. Today it is for the Crimeans, besides the fact that this is a state task, it is also the meaning of life, as well as for the Sevastopol residents. I am sure that all of Russia today lives by this. All your decisions regarding the conduct of a special military operation and, accordingly, the actions of the Armed Forces are supported by the absolute majority of Crimeans, Vladimir Vladimirovich, therefore the Crimeans are actively participating in the process today. Humanitarian aid is formed by us jointly in all areas. In Crimea, more than 12 measures of social support for military personnel, participants in a special military operation, have been adopted. By municipalities, they are all aligned, one way or another synchronized with the city of Sevastopol. And the main measure is, of course, the allocation of land. We have all arrays for all participants in a special military operation of all branches, types of troops, the National Guard and so on — independently, even for civilians who participate — are allocated, respectively. All plots in the coastal zone and directly adjacent to the Black Sea coast. Therefore, we give our servicemen, those who risk their lives today, the very bestAksyonov reported.

Speaking about assistance to the liberated regions, the Head of the Republic of Crimea stressed that Crimea has become a real center of such social assistance.

Payments of 10,000 rubles each, which are made on the territory of the Republic of Crimea, were received by 64,000 residents of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. More than 15 thousand people received payments of 100 thousand rubles. And housing certificates — the Ministry of Housing Policy and State Construction Supervision of the Republic of Crimea has already issued more than 8,300 certificates. Of these, 892 apartments have already been filled. 5 billion rubles have been practically financed in full. At the same time, of course, there is a trend. Our housing market is creeping up, in connection with this, demand has increased dramatically. A number of programs will have to increase funding, including orphans— said Aksyonov.

No less important areas, he said, are medical care and education.

In general, in 2022, assistance was provided to more than 10 thousand people, medical and high-tech received, including residents of the liberated territories. Of these, more than 2500 children. We actively accept in schools, higher educational institutions. Today, we have more than 700 children in kindergartens, 3,500 schoolchildren study in Crimean schools. And more than 200 children entered universities — the Crimean Federal University, the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University. And secondary vocational education — 122 people study. We provide maximum assistance, thanks to colleagues from federal authorities. Even in manual mode, we consult with Valery Nikolaevich Falkov on transferring to higher educational institutions. Thanks to colleagues. Almost all ministries provide us with full, maximum assistance.— said the Head of the Crimea.

Sergey Aksyonov also touched upon the topic of budgetary financing of the region. According to him, almost one and a half trillion rubles have been invested in the Crimean economy over 9 years. Most of this is budgetary investment, the state. But at the same time, about 800 billion rubles are off-budget investments.

Thanks to this, since 2014, our unemployment rate has fallen from 7.2% to 4% on average. The number of people employed in small and medium-sized businesses as a whole has grown to 350 thousand people, almost twice. Our personal income tax increased by 2.3 times, income tax doubled, and, accordingly, budget indicators. If we compare with the indicators of the last year in the composition of Ukraine — 4.2 times, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Crimea’s tax and non-tax revenues amounted to 93 billion rubles last year, even taking into account the fact that in this case our logistics are affected by a special military operation. Nevertheless, we are moving forward in this direction. The main industries that provided support were primarily manufacturing, trade and, of course, construction.— Aksyonov emphasized.

What the Head of the Republic of Crimea told the President of Russia today

In the Crimea for 9 years, 4,400 capital construction projects. About 730 educational facilities, 137 new kindergartens. 52 sports halls were built in the field of education. In the health sector: in general, more than 650 capital facilities have been repaired, 533 FAPs and modular outpatient clinics have been installed in rural areas.

On public utilities: 1600 km of water supply, the program supervised by Marat Shakirzyanovich and which we approved, gave us the opportunity to reduce water consumption in the main cities, in Simferopol and Yalta, to reduce significantly, by more than 10%, in the current situation. Vladimir Vladimirovich, thank you, thanks to your decisions, the JCC, in principle, removed the need to build desalination plants, in this case. The water supply of the Crimea is provided in full. And of course, this affects agricultural production.— said Sergey Aksyonov.

He also stressed that the Crimean enterprises of the defense industry are provided with state contracts in the amount of more than 130 billion rubles. More than 70 enterprises received financial support at the federal and regional levels.

Taking into account construction projects and everything else, the volume of production of building materials has increased, almost 2 times. Thanks to this, we commissioned 930,000 square meters of housing last year. This is not multi-apartment housing… Basically, this is individual housing construction, however, we are now preparing investment sites, preparing to equip the infrastructure, we will be engaged in the preparation of project documentation throughout the year…

Vladimir Vladimirovich, for transport. We have updated 90% of the rolling stock thanks to your decisions and thanks to Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin. The government of Moscow finances us for the third year. First of all, state and municipal enterprises were updated in the Republic of Crimea.

For road construction. Thanks to your support, over 9 years, 300 km of new roads have been built and 3,700 km have been repaired. Today we have reached the target indicator — 42% of the roads in the standard condition. By 2024 it will be about 46%. Vladimir Vladimirovich, at the start we entered with an indicator of 20% of the roads in standard condition. Almost 2.5 times during this time increased the volume, quantity. The capacities of construction companies that work on the peninsula in the field of road construction allow us to complete the tasks. We showed the development of more than 20 billion rubles, which has never happened before— said the Head of the Republic.

One of the achievements in the field of education, according to Aksyonov, is the solution to the problem of queues in kindergartens.

If in 2014 we had 42% availability of places in kindergartens for children from 3 to 7 years old, today it is 99%. Vladimir Vladimirovich, thanks to your support in 2023 from 3 to 7 years at 100% m We are closing this position. From 0 to 3 years, we now have a security of 88%. In 2024, before the end of the year, we will completely cover the need from 0 to 3 years.

The problem that has not been solved is orphans. We buy houses every year. Last year, 192 apartments were bought at the expense of the municipal, republican budget. This year 215 apartments. The need is much greater — we have about 2,300 people waiting in line for housing. So far, there is no direct solution. We are now talking with investors, we will partially issue housing at the expense of investment programs. This year, 700 million rubles will be invested from the budgets and more than 200 apartments will be purchased.

At the same time, I said, because we started selling and acquiring housing certificates, the cost per square meter has increased accordingly. And now it is growing in the Republic of Crimea. Somewhere we will not fall, perhaps, into the standards, but for now we are moving at such a pace. I am sure that with the help of the federal government, these programs in this case will be resolved— said Aksyonov.

The tourism topic for Crimea is now rather problematic. Make adjustments to logistics. But, as the Head of the Republic of Crimea emphasized, the state provides the necessary support to enterprises in this area. This year, 2 billion rubles are allocated from the federal budget. In general, over 60 new accommodation facilities have been built in Crimea over 9 years and about 500 have been renovated.

In 2023, we will mainly arrive along the Crimean bridge, light vehicles will move in this direction. Together with colleagues from the FSB and the Ministry of Transport, we are studying and polishing inspection procedures in order to reduce the amount of time on the bridge. Over the past year, the Crimean bridge passed almost 2.5 million vehicles towards Crimea.

Since October 10, after the terrorist attack carried out by the Kyiv junta, we have activated the Kerch ferry crossing. Since that time, 83 thousand cars have been transported.

The land corridor, which was opened thanks to the actions of our Armed Forces, has let through up to 96,000 vehicles to date— said Aksyonov.

In his report, he also touched upon the topic of sports. For 9 years, 525 sports grounds, 2 sports and recreation centers have been built in Crimea, including the Water Sports Palace in Simferopol. It is interesting that the direct connection from Simferopol took place just at this facility.

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What the Head of the Republic of Crimea told the President of Russia today

The share of those involved in physical culture and sports has increased almost 3.5 times since 2014, from 10% to 38%. These are not statistics, these are direct figures, on the contrary, we try to look at statistics in a pessimistic way in order to make more verified, correct decisions.— said the Head of the Crimea. — In healthcare, the situation is fully moving forward, and your instruction to license all institutions will be fulfilled by the middle of the year. All work is being carried out according to the schedule, construction somewhere makes its own adjustments, but here the personal control of the head doctors. So far, I can say that the dynamics are positive, we are moving optimistically, I think that here, in this part, we will not let you down. Thanks to high-tech assistance, we have reduced the number of deaths from diseases of the circulatory system by 22% compared to 2022. Since 2015, when the equipment began to arrive, more than 80,000 high-tech operations have been carried out. In fact, people’s lives were saved with the advent of Russia, with such a colossal opportunity.

The Head of the Republic of Crimea also touched upon the topic of public investment.

The economy is reviving, such breakthrough moments — Sberbank entered the Republic of Crimea, other budget-forming and city-forming enterprises, which at the country level give a serious effect to the development of regions. We are also negotiating with them, they are preparing to enter and know your instructions on this matter that those who are already under sanctions should not hesitate, but already participate in this process.

I would like to tell you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, thank you very much for everything that is being done. There is still much to report, but thank you very much personally to you, because if it were not for your finger on the pulse, then the slowdown could be in different directions. In general, to the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, the Federation Council — many thanks to all, to all Russians for being patient and helping us all this time— said the Head of the Republic of Crimea.

What the Head of the Republic of Crimea told the President of Russia today

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