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What will happen next? Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Volodymyr Konstantinov reflects on the future of Ukraine

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The topic of the future of Ukraine now occupies the minds of many politicians. And all over the world. Will the «independent» state remain a single state, within what borders, whether it will be neutral, demilitarized, independent… on this topic. And, first of all, he talks about changes in the territories liberated from nationalist power.

We believe that everything that is changing now in the liberated territories of Ukraine is in the nature of urgent measures designed to make life easier for people, aimed at solving the most pressing problems, organizing life, trade, etc. The question of the future fate of these territories, of course, is much deeper.

What will happen next? This is the question that worries the residents who got rid of the power of the Kiev regime most of all today. On the one hand, they are afraid that Bandera’s followers will return, begin to download rights or kill activists who want to cooperate with the Russian Federation. On the other hand, how to politically organize the space of Ukraine? — Konstantinov asks questions.

The politician gives a tough answer: Ukraine as a state in the form in which it existed for the last years should no longer exist.

This state project brought us the threat of not just a local conflict, but biological and nuclear war. Therefore, to denazify Ukraine and leave is too dangerous, a nationalist relapse is possible.

I think that organizing life according to old Russian patterns is the most optimal form. And this means that Novorossiya should appear on the political map, which will occupy the entire South-East of the former Ukraine. Little Russia will appear next to it — the central part of the former state, together with Kiev and Galicia, which, with a certain status of neutrality and non-participation in NATO, could also exist politically sovereign within the framework of the compromise reached between Russia and the West , — the head of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea notes .

Vladimir Konstantinov draws a line:

This is approximately how the optimal political structure of the future Ukraine is seen, which should replace the project, which turned out to be smeared with Nazism and therefore lost its right to exist. So that this crisis never happens again, and for Russia it never poses any threats. It is pointless to negotiate with the Kiev regime, all agreements will be violated. We went through this more than once in our relations with Kiev. This was fully experienced by Donbass: always and everywhere constant deceit. There is no point in negotiating with these political bankrupts. It is better and more promising to seek reliance on healthy forces within each region and, based on this, build its future policy.

Что будет дальше? О будущем Украины размышляет спикер крымского парламента Владимир Константинов

Photo from pages of VK V.Konstantinov

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