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Where do Russians plan to rest for the May holidays? They say they will go to Sevastopol …

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the eve of the spring weekend, many people face two important questions: where to relax and what places to choose to stay. experts told what travelers choose for holidays during the May holidays.


The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan occupies a leading position in the framework of domestic tourism. According to 12,12% of bookings are accounted for by this city. Such demand is quite natural: a favorable warm climate and many unusual sights make this city extremely popular. Even the seemingly most extraordinary walk there can turn into an interesting adventure. Separately, it is worth noting the famous Kazan Kremlin. The Museum-Reserve is a complex of architectural, historical and archaeological monuments that fully reveal the centuries-old history of the city.


There could be no doubt that the main city of Russia would become one of the most sought after among tourists. The capital has ,14% of the total number of bookings. This is not only the most developed city in the country, but also a great place to relax. Moscow, unique in its structure, warmly welcomes guests from other cities. During the daytime, countless museums, exhibitions and galleries are open to the public. You won’t be bored at night either: a variety of clubs, bars and parties are waiting for new guests. The choice of events is so great that even local residents are sometimes unable to unequivocally decide where exactly they would like to go today. Moscow is one of those cities where everyone will find what they like.


In this city, two cultures are mixed: European and Russian, which is reflected in the architecture. The rest will be filled with various picturesque places — from the embankment of the Pregolya River to the museums of the Sea Ocean and amber. The pleasant climate, affordable prices and architectural diversity will create positive memories, which is reflected in the number of bookings, which is 7,33%.

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An important component of a comfortable and profitable stay is booking rooms. In conditions when the resources we are used to for booking are no longer available, we are looking for a convenient alternative. is a national hotel booking system suitable for planning business trips and vacations with the family.

St. Petersburg

Another city, without which any selection cannot do, especially when it comes to relaxation. The cultural capital of Russia is not inferior to Moscow in terms of a variety of events, architectural monuments and attractions. Peterhof, Kunstkamera, St. Isaac’s Cathedral are the most favorite places among new guests. Tourists note that St. Petersburg has a unique atmosphere, which is very different from most major cities in the country, which explains the high demand for hotels. At the moment, the cultural capital is the most popular destination for the May holidays, having ,12% of the total the number of bookings on the service.


The city in the southwest of the Crimean peninsula is known for a massive influx of guests in the summer. But even in May, tourists quite actively choose this destination for recreation, this city accounts for 3.53% of the total number of bookings. Although the temperature during this period is still not high enough to visit the beaches, the Hero City offers many other opportunities for spending time. The architectural monuments of Sevastopol are considered one of the most beautiful and interesting in all of Russia. Pay special attention to the unique cuisine of the city: restaurants surprise with unusual dishes and servings. You should definitely try the seafood, which has countless variations in local restaurants.

Research by shows that the average price per night in these cities varies from 4,000 to 6,000 rubles. The most budget-friendly choice is St. Petersburg (on average 3895 r/day), and the most expensive is Kaliningrad (on average 5942 r/day).

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