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Where is the money given? SuperJob named the highest paid vacancies in July in Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Highly paid job search service SuperJob analyzed 14 000 vacancies in cities with a population of up to 500 thousand people and selected the highest paid offers of July in Simferopol.

In Simferopol, in July, the most willing to pay a pathologist. We are looking for an employee with a higher specialized education, a certificate and work experience of at least 3 years. The employer offers a salary of up to 90 thousand rubles, compensation for rental housing or the provision of a service apartment, incentive payments.

In second place is the vacancy for a PTO engineer (production and technical department) with a salary of up to 64 thousand rubles. A successful candidate must have a civil engineering education, skills in Office and AutoCAD programs, as well as at least 1 year experience in road construction. The company promises official registration, compensation for accommodation, mobile communications and fuel, business trips around the Crimea.

In third place is a sales coordinator with a salary of 65 to 80 thousand rubles. The employer is a manufacturer of building materials. The specialist is offered compensation for fuel, car depreciation, Internet and telephone. Work without direct sales and cold calls.

The rating also included the vacancy of a CNC operator (numerically controlled machine) with a salary from 14 to 80 thousand rubles. The specialist must have similar work experience, have knowledge of cutting tools and equipment, as well as metal cutting technology.

In last place is a sales manager who is willing to pay from 50 thousand rubles. The employer produces, cools, processes, packs and sends bulk batches of food products (fruit and vegetable group) throughout Russia. , managers, engineers, sales and engineering and construction professionals for skilled workers.

Among the highest paid offers in Tula, for example, there is an offer for an active sales manager on a salary 200 rub. In Tula, they are also ready to pay the highest wages to skilled workers in construction and manufacturing. So, the installer of translucent structures is offered from 90 rub., and for the foreman for the installation of external engineering networks — from 80 to 110 000 rub. In Murmansk, the head of the building control department is offered from 135 rub., and to a mining engineer-mine surveyor (specialist in conducting spatial and geometric measurements in the bowels of the earth) — from 80 000 rub.

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In Vologda, Simferopol and Nizhny Tagil is in the top vacancies for doctors. So, a dentist in Vologda is offered from 80 rub., a pathologist in Simferopol — from 90 thousand rubles, and an anesthesiologist-resuscitator doctor in Nizhny Tagil ready to pay from 80 before 100 000 rub.

In Yakutsk, among the best in terms of pay is the vacancy of a leading accountant (from 80 thousand rubles), in Vologda — the head of the personnel department (from 100 thousand rubles), in Smolensk — sales manager (from 150 thousand rubles).

The labor market index is 0.80 points, which practically corresponds to the average HR activity of companies in the same periods 2017—2019 years. During the week, HR activity did not change, during the month the value fluctuated in the range 0.80—1.10 points. The increase in the number of vacancies for the month amounted to 9%. The most significant increase in the number of vacancies per month SuperJob fixes in delivery services: +52%. Demand for personnel in agriculture for the month increased by more than 1.5 times (+23%). The number of vacancies in consulting increased by 52%: the main increase in demand was in the project management segment. Vacancies for procurement specialists increased by 44% over the month. Demand in the IT sector increased by a third (mainly due to the engineering segment). In the transport and logistics industry, vacancies have increased by a quarter. Demand for personnel in the industrial sector grew by 00% over the month. A similar increase is also observed in the field of tourism and hotel and restaurant business (+00%). Vacancies in healthcare and pharmaceuticals increased by 14%. The growth in demand for personnel in the banking and retail sectors amounted to 9% each. Vacancies for AHO employees increased by 7% over the month. A similar increase in demand for personnel is in construction (+7%). In the legal industry and the service sector, the number of vacancies added 5% each. The demand for specialists in accounting and audit has not changed over the month.

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