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Where to find out about all tax support measures for mobilized

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia describes in detail what tax and reporting benefits apply to mobilized citizens. All support measures can be found on the new promo page.

So, for mobilized citizens:

— the deadlines for paying taxes, fees, insurance premiums, filing reports and providing notifications have been postponed, a moratorium has been introduced on control measures in relation to them;

— audits of compliance with Russian currency legislation are suspended;

— the deadlines for submitting reports on the movement and transfers of funds and other financial assets on accounts (deposits) in financial market organizations outside Russia are shifted, including without opening a bank account using electronic means of payment, as well as notifications about the opening (closing) of accounts (deposits) in such banks and changing their details.

All measures are valid during the period of service of the mobilized and until the end of the third month after its completion.

For convenience, tax support measures are divided into blocks. Each of them has subsections with the name of a particular measure, where the information is presented as conveniently as possible: briefly the main theses as far as support is concerned, for whom it is intended and in what terms it is provided.

It is reported that the promo page will be supplemented as new regulations are adopted.


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