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Why the mask regime is not canceled in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Today, the media published a comment by the head of the Interregional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, Natalya Penkovskaya, regarding the abolition of the mask regime in Crimea. More precisely NOT CANCEL. According to the expert, the issue of abolishing the mask regime in Crimea «is not yet considered«.

The reason… According to Penkovskaya, it is the mask regimen that “ makes it possible to keep the incidence rate at the current low values ​​.”

Today, we have practically no restrictive measures left in Crimea and Sevastopol, but the mask regime is the measure that allows us to keep the level of the epidemiological spread of coronavirus infection at the level that it is. In addition, the activity of the population for vaccination has decreased, and this negative trend can affect the change in the situation at any moment , — quotes Penkovskaya RIA Novosti Krym


She also drew attention to the fact that the decision to abolish the mask regime in a particular region, including Crimea, is made at the federal level.

Mask mode is a federal norm. It can be canceled in any subject only by decision at the federal level. Neither the head of the republic, nor the governor of Sevastopol, nor I currently have the authority to cancel the mask regime. This is the last barrier that stands today for the spread of a new coronavirus infection , — explained the head of the department.

Speaking about the current incidence of COVID-19 in the region, Penkovskaya noted that these figures are much lower than they were last summer and throughout previous period 19 of the year.

In the last month alone, the incidence rate in the Republic of Crimea has almost halved. This allows healthcare to reduce the number of beds, switch to planned medical care, remove the main types of restrictions that exist , — added the head of the Interregional Department of Rospotrebnadzor.

Crimeans are advised to actively vaccinate against a new coronavirus infection and observe the remaining few restrictions.

Reasonable questions and doubts about sincerity of the chief sanitary doctor.2022 Almost three dozen regions of Russia, including Moscow, are free from “covid” restrictions. Five of them have officially abolished the wearing of masks: Moscow, the Chechen Republic, Tambov, Kemerovo, Ulyanovsk regions. We specifically looked, everywhere these very restrictions were lifted precisely by decrees of governors, heads of regions. Including the mandatory wearing of masks. Perhaps behind the scenes something was agreed with the federal center, but the decrees did not talk about this. The same mask mode was canceled, and in some places it remained with the wording “ recommended ”.

Naturally, the main reason for such “relaxations” was a decrease in the incidence rate. But not only. As explainedDeputy Minister of Economic development of the Russian Federation Tatyana Ilyushnikova, this has a positive effect on business development in the regions. In Crimea, let’s add the resort business to this. In theory, already now all tourists need to be warned in advance: stock up on masks for the summer, otherwise you won’t get on the bus or go to the store. And even in May, everywhere on the peninsula it was heard: “ how is it, in Moscow-Grozny-Tambov (etc.) masks were canceled a long time ago” . I wonder what «chorus» will sound in the summer?

At the same time, de facto, masks in Crimea (well, let’s be honest) are required only in stores, and then under the threat of inspections (with surveillance cameras at the checkout). Not a single mass event (see all reports and reports about the celebration of May 9 in Crimea) is held in masks. Who are we deceiving? A mask on the nose, worn in the pocket for weeks, is, in any case, “more useful” than fresh air. In the heat, even more so.

We do not return to the long-term controversy: whether a mask is needed or not, what it protects from , we simply see inconsistencies in the information about the mechanism for lifting “covid” restrictions in the regions, as well as in the thesis that that “ the mask is the last barrier ” against the coronavirus in Crimea. Is that formal …

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