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Worth downloading to your smartphone: top apps for motorists

CrimeaPRESS reports:

What applications, in addition to the navigator, should motorists download to their smartphone?

Today, it is almost impossible to meet drivers on the roads who pave the way and navigate on a paper map. But there was a time when pocket atlases lay in almost every glove box of those motorists who had a long journey ahead or whose work was associated with frequent trips around the city. Archaic paper guides have been replaced by modern navigators, which are literally in every smartphone.

We offer to see what other applications can make life easier for a modern motorist, save time, money and make traveling easier.

In case of an accident

A significant step in increasing the availability of digital services for motorists last year was the launch of an SDK module that allows you to embed the functions of the OSAGO Assistant application into other applications of insurance companies. This and other innovations have significantly expanded the possibility of online recording of road accidents.

For example, application «Accident. Europrotocol» allows you to photograph the accident. But with the help of applications «OSAGO Assistant» And «Public Services Auto» You can also immediately send an electronic notification of an accident to the insurance company. You can also record an accident and send notifications about it using the applications of insurance companies that have built-in such a function.

Not everyone knows, but now when filing an accident report through an application (one of those that allow you to register an accident according to the Europrotocol), a motorist can indicate on the online diagram the location of the cars of both participants at the time and after the accident, draw arrows for the direction of travel, road signs and markup. You can also draw an accident diagram by hand in the old fashioned way, take a picture and attach it to an electronic notice.

Thanks to the listed applications and their capabilities, it has become easier for motorists to file accidents without victims. This is evidenced by the statistics of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA): in the first quarter of this year, the number of photographic accidents doubled. If in the first quarter of 2022 there were 14.7 thousand photographic records of road accidents, then for the same period in 2023 — already 28.8 thousand. The number of electronic notifications about traffic accidents also increased (from 0.8 thousand pieces a year earlier to 5.3 thousand).

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In addition, insurers’ applications will help you navigate in a stressful situation, tell you what steps you need to take first of all in the event of an insured event, and help you avoid the tricks of scammers.

Paying for toll roads

Until now, some drivers get lost when they drive up to toll roads. The main question is how to pay for travel on them? To solve this difficulty, you can install a proprietary application «Avtodor» from the Russian company of the same name responsible for toll roads. Using the application, you can control travel expenses in real time even for those who have not yet purchased a T-pass transponder. The application will allow you to plan a route and find out its cost, pay the debt for travel on the Central Ring Road and M-12 Moscow-Kazan, call an emergency commissioner and listen to the Avtodor branded radio.

Online gas stations

Beyond the application «Yandex.Zapravki» you can find a number of other applications from major gas station chains. They show the nearest gas stations of their brand on the map, the cost of fuel at them and the status of the bonus account. However, «Yandex.Zapravki» is different in that so far it is the only application in Russia that allows you to refuel without leaving the car. To do this, the application offers to select the column number, fuel type and amount. Payment is also carried out remotely — through a linked card.

Progress does not stand still, who knows what technologies and programs will be in the top in just six months. Perhaps we are waiting for a boom in applications for finding gas stations for electric vehicles or new chips from insurers.

source: press service of the information project «OSAGO: public expertise»

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