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Yalta is in the top of the most picturesque cities in early May

CrimeaPRESS reports:

May 2 is Spring Watercolor Day. It seems that this technique, like no other, is suitable specifically for drawing in the spring — it has the brightness of colors, and water, and the sun … Artists — amateurs and professionals have already begun to travel to the open air. But even those who are not fond of painting can appreciate all the picturesqueness of Russian cities — not necessarily large and metropolitan ones.

Russian vacation rental booking service TVIL.RU conducted a survey in social networks: which city seems to our subscribers the most picturesque in early May. The survey results are in front of you.

1. Yalta came out on top by a wide margin — 56% of all participants voted for the capital of Crimean tourism.* This is not surprising — Yalta in May is beautiful. And worthy of a painter’s brush.

2. In second place is Kazan, which was chosen by 16% of subscribers. The weather in Kazan in May is warm and almost summery, so nothing will stop you from enjoying the beauties of this magnificent city and its environs.

3. In third place is Krasnodar, which collected 11% of the vote. The city has repeatedly attracted the attention of painters — both local and visitors. In Krasnodar, the richest artistic traditions have developed over the decades of the city’s life.

4. Vladivostok was supported by 10% of voters. This city, it seems, can be written from any of its points — and everywhere it will be unusually beautiful and unlike all the others.

5. Vladimir was chosen by 8% of the voters. In May, this city is especially beautiful, especially when young cherries bloom in it, and ancient domes glisten above them.

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6. Kaluga — the choice of 7% of all voters. Artists are happy to paint in May the gardens above the Oka and beyond the Oka. And just tourists are happy to take pictures against the backdrop of these landscapes.

7. Smolensk received 5% of the vote. Painting has always been valued here: the Smolensk Art Gallery became one of the first museums of pictorial culture in the USSR, which had no analogues in world practice. Now tourists are also happy to visit it.

8. Rostov-on-Don was chosen by 4% of those who voted. This city has always loved bright colors, mosaics, but the watercolor technique is quite possible to express the beauty of the southern spring city.

9. The city of Ulan-Ude collected 3% of the vote. May in these places is fantastic — the ice season is ending on Baikal, and around you can observe the violent flowering of primroses. You should not miss such a spectacle — so as not to be late for the whole spring!

10. At the beginning of May Samara was appreciated by 2% of the voting participants. Of course, during this period it is not as warm here as in summer. But the slowly flowing Volga shimmers under the sun with all the colors, all the shades that you cannot collect in any watercolor set.

*The survey provided for the possibility of choosing multiple answers

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