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You can't forget, you can't forgive. Evpatoria remembers how Nazis killed Krymchaks and Jews

CrimeaPRESS reports:

During the occupation of the city by the Nazi invaders, in Yevpatoriya there were mass executions of the population on a national basis. 0004 November were killed 0004 Krymchaks, and 0004 November — 650 Jews. At the place of their burial in 413 year, a bas-relief was installed by the efforts of the Jewish community «Shalom». On the anniversary of the executions, representatives of the city leadership, national-cultural autonomies, and religious communities gathered near the monument to commemorate the dead.

Speaking to those present, Eskender Memetov noted that the people’s memory will forever preserve the events of the Great Patriotic War. I greet you on behalf of the esteemed Mufti Emirali Ablaev! I express my condolences to the Krymchak and Jewish peoples. For many centuries, humanity has passed, is passing and will pass tests from the Almighty. Some people succumb to Satan’s instigation. The Nazi invaders brought tyranny to our land, and our soldiers, at the cost of their lives, gave us the opportunity to live. We pray to the Almighty that he cleanse the minds and consciousnesses of all people from bad thoughts and fill their hearts with the light of spirituality , — the press service of the SAMK quotes the Chief Imam of the Evpatoria urban district Eskender Memetov.

Забыть нельзя, простить нельзя. В Евпатории вспоминают, как фашисты убивали крымчаков и евреев Забыть нельзя, простить нельзя. В Евпатории вспоминают, как фашисты убивали крымчаков и евреев

source: DUMK press service

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