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A business mission from Sevastopol visited Baku. First…

A business mission from Sevastopol visited Baku. First…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

From September 4 to 8, a business trip took place from Sevastopol to Baku. Four Sevastopol entrepreneurs took part in it — producers of spices and natural drinks, building materials for a wide range of applications and developers of unique technical solutions for the construction industry. The organizer was the Regional Export Support Center, which is located in the “My Business” center.

Despite Western sanctions pressure, we manage to expand our export borders. Another proof of this is the Sevastopol business mission to Baku, thanks to which our entrepreneurs had the opportunity to find new foreign partners and offer customers from Azerbaijan products that are in demand. Participation in such events is becoming more accessible thanks to the work of the Export Support Center within the framework of the national project “Small and Medium Enterprises” — this year alone, 143 entrepreneurs used its services— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the deputy governor of the city, Maria Litovko.

Business meetings were held in Baku with representatives of twenty companies from Azerbaijan. Two enterprises continue to negotiate with a view to signing export contracts, and two more are preparing commercial proposals for Azerbaijani colleagues.

Economic ties between Russia and Azerbaijan are actively developing. Sevastopol is also establishing the first contacts with the partner state. Our companies successfully presented their products and services in Baku, entrepreneurs held negotiations with potential partners, and signed two export contracts in the near future. I would like to note that helping to develop the export activities of SMEs is one of the tasks of the “My Business” center, which took on many expenses: translation services, organization of business meetings, transfer of participants, rental of a venue for negotiations, preparation of souvenirs and much moresays Natalia Borisova, director of the My Business center.

In 2023, Sevastopol also managed to establish interaction with countries such as Tajikistan, India, Egypt and others. In general, the geography of supplies of goods and services from Sevastopol includes nine countries. The maximum number of contracts was concluded with entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan. Among the products that are in demand abroad are natural cosmetics, fish, in particular anchovy, spices, confectionery, and equipment for the food industry.

Participation in a business mission is an excellent opportunity to find new contacts for entering the foreign market, as well as to hold live meetings in B2B format not only in the office, but also at the enterprise of the future buyer — this is the key to peace of mind that the company is real. We expected to find new contacts and understand the peculiarities of the market, but we got even more — we found both buyers and potential partners. Azerbaijan is expectedly friendly and open to new proposals. Thanks to the Export Support Center, work with foreign countries went much faster and more efficiently– emphasizes the head of the company “SG Sodruzhestvo” Dmitry Binkovsky.

During the business mission to Azerbaijan, the host party announced its intention to make a return visit to Sevastopol next year.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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