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Crime in Crimea

Incidents in the Crimea. Latest news. For a day and a week. Crime in Crimea, state of emergency, accidents, fires and natural disasters. Investigation of crimes. Information about accidents on the roads of Crimea, reports of the Crimean traffic police.

Crime of the Crimea - find out more!

Incidents in the Crimea. Latest news. Crime of the Crimea, state of emergency, accidents and fires. Information about accidents on the roads of the Crimea. That’s the way man works. The most widely read, most in–demand information on the market is criminal and emergency news. Such materials tickle the nerves, add bright shades to the calm tones of everyday life. The incidents in Crimea are something that is interesting not only to Crimeans. This is a priori in-demand news.

Incidents in Crimea on KrymPRESS are: a chronicle from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and police reports, details of accidents and circumstances of road accidents, information from the prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee, tax and epidemiologists, court verdicts and ambulance calls. These are saved lives, instructive stories, unique facts and original parallels. Covering the topic of Crime in Crimea, we are not looking for answers to the eternal «who is to blame» and «what to do». We present these amazing stories about emergency situations and emergencies in the lens of perception of an ordinary person — a Crimean. That is why the news is so interesting to our reader.

Crime in Crimea

Psychologists and sociologists will write volumes of scientific papers about this effect of involvement and experience, marking the «heroes» of reports on «friend or foe». We just prove in practice that the incidents of the Crimea are always at the peak of perception by the Internet audience. And even if we abandon the «beautiful words» and approach from the standpoint of the fundamentals of economics and dry calculation, it is no less clear that once the «product is sold», it needs to be «sold». Demand creates supply. Once TV was in fashion, and now the Internet. Once people loved «soap operas», and now they are looking for news. And quite 2×2 — Crimeans are studying the Incidents in the Crimea. A sign of the times.

Road accidents in Crimea

Any journalist knows that it is not so easy to get the necessary information from the «siloviki». That is precisely why reporters specializing in criminal chronicles and emergency reports perform the largest amounts of work. Of course, we won’t reveal all the secrets of our work. Its purpose is to collect information in order to fully and comprehensively cover the situation in Crimea. And, we admit, we work not only with official sources of information. Do you remember what Gleb Zheglov said to Volodya Sharapova in the famous film? «There will always be a person who has seen something.» It’s true. Therefore, the most valuable source of information for us, Crimean reporters, are ordinary people, eyewitnesses of these or other extraordinary events, the very ones that we habitually call simply: Incidents in the Crimea.
This is the highlight of working with people and for people. We reserve the right to highlight all the Incidents in the Crimea. At least because people need it.

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