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Sevastopol News — News today Sevastopol. Fresh, interesting, relevant and objective information about the life of Sevastopol.

Reviews, news, events, politics in Sevastopol today. Incidents and the life of the city now. News of politics, economy, culture and sports. Events in Sevastopol.

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Sevastopol news | News today Sevastopol

Sevastopol and Crimea have relatively recently become Russian regions again and continue to attract attention without getting lost in the variety of information flows. The news of Sevastopol is interesting in itself not only to the residents of this city of federal significance, not only to the «neighbors» -Crimeans, but also to the whole country. It is no coincidence that Sevastopol is called the «third capital» of Russia. Often, it is in the Hero city that the main vectors of politics, economy, and public sentiment intersect.

Sevastopol news is always relevant and topical

They convey the mood of the time. The most amazing thing is that the spirit of the history of ancient Chersonesos with its principles and laws of the democratic policy seems to affect the socio-economic, socio-political life of Sevastopol in the XXI century. It is full of contradictions, the truth is not always born in disputes, but the more interesting, scandalous, sharper the news of Sevastopol.

A free economic zone, business preferences, a construction boom, the restoration of shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises — this is also the news of Sevastopol. No less interesting are the reports related to the implementation of the Federal Target Program for the Development of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2020 and the progress of the construction of the federal highway «Tavrida». For Sevastopol– this is, without exaggeration, the road of life. «Tavrida» will help solve not only the logistics incident of the peninsula – «Sevastopol is the extreme point on the map», but will become an artery feeding the Hero city with goods, having a significant impact on prices in the region.

Sevastopol News is also the news of the Black Sea Fleet

Historically, the city and the fleet are inseparable. The first buildings of Sevastopol-Akhtiar were shipyards and the Admiralty. Two defenses of the city, hundreds of monuments and human memory itself, «polite people» in 2014 only sealed this connection. Now the Black Sea Fleet is a guarantee of Sevastopol’s security. Black Sea sailors not only protect the southern sea borders of our motherland, but also improve their military skills with their daily work. Information about various sea, land, air exercises, holidays with elements of «military» always attract the attention of the media. The most obvious example is the Aviadarts air show and the naval parade in Sevastopol on the Day of the Navy.

The cultural life of Sevastopol does not stop with the end of the summer season, when the city posters are full of the names of «stars»

She doesn’t freeze for a minute. Theatrical premieres and vernissages, concert programs and youth shows, officers’ balls and various festivals also form the news of Sevastopol. The city has become a real «headquarters» of historical reenactors. The real brand has become the Sevastopol Military-Historical Festival, linking together the breath of various historical epochs. Wine-fest in Balaklava, classical music concert in Inkerman wine cellars, opera in Chersonesos — the whole country knows about these events, without exaggeration.

Sevastopol news is also the development of the resort and tourism industry of the region

Guests in the Hero city are always welcome. For them – large-scale landscaping: the renovated Anna Akhmatova Park and clean beaches, city parks and squares, sparkling Primorsky Boulevard and strict Grafskaya Pier. It is no coincidence that the priority areas of tourism in Sevastopol are called historical and event routes. But Sevastopol still needs to learn how to «present» itself, participate in tourist fairs and forums, present holidays by the sea on the ecologically clean beaches of the Northern side, build a recreation and entertainment industry. And in this sense, the news about Sevastopol tourist is information support of the recreational opportunities of the region.

Sevastopol news is diverse and yet integral

They give an idea of the full-fledged life of citizens, about today’s day, full of events. Here the good and the bad intersect, regardless and without evaluation. Because this is life. Unprecedented repair of roads and the problem with cleaning the city, garbage removal from «sleeping» neighborhoods. Scandals at public hearings on the General Plan and incredible unanimity on every anniversary of the «Russian Spring». The information picture of each day consists of these contradictions. Accidents and crime, scandals and incidents, «social» and the official chronicle, economy and government, history and culture, tourism and public life, prices and tariffs, problems and their solutions. All this wide spectrum creates a unique mosaic, but still integral image of Sevastopol. His reflection in the mirror of the KrymPRESS news.

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