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Life in Crimea

Life in Crimea. The main news and events that, one way or another, are interesting to every Crimean and guest of the Crimean peninsula. Topics: population of Crimea, prices in Crimea, tariffs in Crimea, healthcare in Crimea, education in Crimea, holidays in Crimea, public organizations in Crimea.

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Life in Crimea

The life of Crimea is extremely diverse. Perhaps it is impossible to fully reflect all the cultural events and events taking place on the peninsula. The multinational population weaves a unique bouquet of traditional holidays into the Crimean mentality and pays full tribute to the richness of the cultural heritage of their ancestors. The big changes that occurred with the return of the peninsula to the Russian Federation affected all spheres of public and cultural life of the Republic.

Housing and communal construction is experiencing extraordinary growth. Colossal funds are being invested in the development of road infrastructure, production and the recreational sector are being restored. Considerable attention is paid to healthcare and education. New educational centers are being built everywhere, new schools and kindergartens are being built. Major repairs and the construction of new buildings in medical and health institutions are being carried out.

Significant changes are also taking place in the housing and communal sector. Repair and restoration of roads in the adjacent territories. Updating of water supply and sewerage networks. New elevators. Yard sports grounds… You can list the changes endlessly.

Crimea today

The editorial board pays special attention to all spheres of life of the peninsula. We cover in detail not only the «facade life», but also delve into changes in tariffs and regulations. We track prices for the most important goods and services. We are constantly monitoring new legislative acts in order to provide complete and timely information to the public.

KrymPRESS News is an indispensable companion for anyone who wants to learn more about the life of the Republic. Get involved in the discussion of the changes taking place on the peninsula. Everyone’s opinion is important now. Let’s make our common home better!

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