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Concerts of the Festival «Nature of Art» were held in the village of Aromat (Belbek Valley)

Concerts of the Festival «Nature of Art» were held in the village of Aromat (Belbek Valley)

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The fantastic aroma of lavender, picturesque Crimean mountains, gentle summer sun and a feeling of absolute happiness – this is the atmosphere in which the third season of the Nature of Art Festival, organized by the Sevastopol Ball team, continued on June 29 and 30. Three unique multi-genre concerts took place at the Viva Lavanda organic farm, located in the Aromat settlement of the Belbek Valley: Modern Classics, Rock and Roll, Jazz and Latin, and the premiere event: the musical performance DJ & Live Music. Hundreds of people dressed in white, blue and lilac attire – Sevastopol residents, Crimeans and residents of other regions of Russia who came specially for the festival – became their guests. Together with the artists and concert organizers, they created a “live” picture – Evening in a Lavender Field.

The festival weekend on June 29, at a venue that includes not only lavender fields, but also an authentic farmhouse, a cozy souvenir shop with works by Crimean craftsmen, and a stable where the farm’s mascot, the French Percheron horse Nice, lives, was opened by the concert «Modern Classics».

The singers’ voices and unique melodies, so familiar to the festival guests, were heard in the midst of fantastic landscapes. In the first part, works from the great operas and operettas by Strauss, Kalman, Leoncavallo, Puccini, Rimsky-Korsakov, Khachaturian and many others were followed by enchanting ballet numbers, which became a special highlight of the program — «Chopiniana», «Sleeping Beauty», «Esmeralda», «Scheherazade», «Flower Festival in Genzano», «Gayane», which were performed by soloists of the Krasnodar Ballet Theater named after Y. Grigorovich — the principal, Honored Artist of Kuban Vladimir Morozov and ballet dancer Yulia Lisitskaya, young ballerinas from the Classical Dance Ensemble «Nadezhda» and Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Crimea Dinara Khafizova. A magical moment was the participation in the program of a farm resident, the horse Nice, who solemnly carried out the eastern heroes of «Scheherazade» — Zobeida and the Golden Slave.

The second and third parts of the concert were dedicated to soul-enveloping compositions – brilliant hits that have become true modern classics. Legendary songs by Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian, Andrea Bocelli, Queen, Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Joe Dassin and many other cult performers were revealed in a very special way in the performance of the best vocalists and musicians of Sevastopol and Crimea – Elena Novikova (vocals), Vitaly Bakshinsky (vocals), SiKu Plum Romay Diaz (vocals, Cuba), Anton Kalinichenko (keys), Daniil Mazurov (accordion), Yuri Taranenko (double bass), Ruslan Seydaliev (drums), Svetlana Rubina (violin) and the cello duo Donna Cello. The musical instruments sounded harmonious, light and free, and the exciting voices of the vocalists seemed to help the guests soar to the seventh heaven. The concert was truly unique due to the genre combinations in the crossover style — the fusion of opera and pop.

On the same day, the premiere took place – the Musical Performance “DJ & Live music”. In the blueberry twilight, under the lights of garlands, the natural concert hall turned into a real dance floor. On the stage, enveloped in the soft light of spotlights and flying smoke, a bright girl DJ Yana Kucheryavaya, fiery musicians – Ivan Sych (saxophone), Yuri Taranenko (double bass), Ruslan Seidaliev (drums), Anton Kalinichenko (keys), Sergey Chereshkevich (susaphone), Vladimir Gladkikh (trombone), Petr Androsov (trumpet) – and master of ceremonies Bronislav Frolov created a new page in the Crimean event calendar. The guests of the event danced, rejoiced and echoed their favorite songs, filling the space with happiness, friendship, love and harmony.

The next day, June 30, the festival audience was treated to a large-scale concert – “Rock and Roll, Jazz and Latin”, filled with the bright rhythms of melodies that have become hits of these freest genres of music and life.

Rock and roll is a symbol of rebellion, elegant style and passion for life. Swing, jive, rockabilly, blues — their piercing chords filled the space with cheerful energy. Jazz spilled out with a firework of various compositions of great masters Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Perry Como and many other performers, as well as favorite world and domestic hits. Latina transported all the guests to countries with an exotic temperament — Cuba, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, where fiery music, sunny rhythms and endless joy of life reign all year round. The musical celebration was created for the guests by brilliant musicians and artists — SiKu Plum Romay Diaz (vocals, Cuba), Stephen Mitchell (vocals, USA), Elena Novikova (vocals), Anna Shakel (vocals), Vitaly Bakshinsky (vocals), Andrey Rybalchenko (keys), Viktor Nikulin (saxophone), Andrey Aminov (bass guitar), Andrey Degurko (drums), Mikhail Yakubovsky (guitar), Maxim Perov (trumpet).

The program was decorated with dances with a southern and passionate character performed by the hosts of the event and organizers of the Festival «Nature of Art» — Dmitry Platov and Ekaterina Grafodatskaya, who were actively joined by the guests of the concert in specially designated dance zones, charged with the unique atmosphere and bright hits.

The Nature of Art Festival is the embodiment of the bohemian spirit of Crimea. Bohemia is a story about young artists who, despite all the difficulties, created a life filled with art and selfless love. So our festival — young, sincere, subtle — gives people the happiness of the beauty of creativity — man-made and natural. It is the result of constant intellectual work, which results in that very semantic thread, the idea that runs through everything that makes up its program and space. Crimea is harmony, warmth, abundance and generosity, it is absolute beauty. We are happy to create events that reflect this aspect of our region with all clarity.— noted the project manager Ekaterina Grafodatskaya.

source: press service of the event agency «Sevastopol Ball»

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