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A “cultural cleanup” was held on the Antique Road of Chersonesos

A “cultural cleanup” was held on the Antique Road of Chersonesos

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The staff of the museum-reserve and participants of the “Volunteers of Culture” program took care of the cleanliness of the Antique Road and the estate No. 6 of the Chersonese Chora. At the same time, the volunteers not only attended the cleanup event, but also heard a fascinating excursion about the ancient city and its agricultural district.

Oleg Skuridin, a researcher at the department of protection and registration of cultural heritage objects of the museum-reserve, candidate of cultural studies, spoke about the Chersonese choir. He informed the volunteers that the basis of the economy of the ancient city was agriculture, so the residents needed an agricultural district — a chora. Its development began in the second half of the 4th century. BC e., when the entire territory of the Heraclean Peninsula was delimited into sections. During the cleanup, volunteers got acquainted with the cultural heritage site “Complex of Agricultural Buildings of Allotment No. 6.” It is located on the watershed between Kamyshovaya and Kruglaya bays. The estate on this territory existed for several decades, from the last quarter of the 4th century. BC e. until the first half of the 3rd century. BC e. The premises of the allotment were arranged along the perimeter along the walls of the fence. In the center of the building there was a courtyard with two buildings, which had recesses in the rock for 21 pithos, — note the press service of the Chersonese Tauride Museum-Reserve.

According to Oleg Skuridin, during excavations a variety of ceramic material from the Hellenistic era was found here: produced in Chersonesos, Sinope, Thasos, Athens and other centers fragments of tiles, amphorae, jugs, tableware and kitchen utensils.

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Within a few hours, the participants of the cleanup not only cleared cultural heritage sites of plastic, paper and other household waste, but also examined the preserved fragments of the masonry of an ancient estate, vineyards and antique roads.

We thank cultural volunteers for their help! Together we managed to completely free the Khersones Chora area in the area of ​​Antichny Avenue from garbage. We hope your example will inspire many people and show the importance of common efforts to preserve cultural heritage sites and keep our city clean. Thank you very much and see you again at the museum-reserve! — the press service of “Tavrichesky Chersonesus” emphasizes.

source: Development Department of the State Museum-Reserve «Chersonese Tauride»

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