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A farmer from Crimea won 1 million rubles in the state lottery

A farmer from Crimea won 1 million rubles in the state lottery

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Natalya Zekriyaeva* is extremely lucky in instant lotteries from Stoloto. She won 2, 8, 10 and 20 thousand rubles more than once. But the resident of Crimea did not imagine that a major victory lay ahead of her: on July 27, 2023, a woman bought one ticket at random with the design “Lucky 7” at the Stoloto branded point of sale and won 1 million rubles.

“Oh, I won a thousand rubles,” I was delighted and handed the ticket to the seller. And she gave it back to me and told me to count the zeros more carefully. I looked and didn’t understand what to look at. The saleswoman came out from behind the counter, hugged me and whispered in my ear that I had won one million rubles. I even cried with joy— Natalya Vasilievna recalls with a smile.

Natalya Vasilyevna visits the same Stoloto branded sales point, since it is located next to work. The participant said that there is no secret to her victories, because she always chooses tickets from a pack at random.

When I told my family about the win, they were very surprised! I always told them that I would definitely win a million, but they didn’t believe me and made fun of me. But after my victory, they immediately ran for lottery tickets. Now I’m not the only one in my family who participates in lotteries“, the participant shares.

Natalya Vasilievna and her husband have six children and nine grandchildren. The winner will divide the money won among everyone.

Before retirement, Natalya Vasilievna worked as a nurse in the children’s department of the hospital. Now she and her husband are gardening at the dacha. The couple has several large greenhouses where they grow seedlings, vegetables in summer, and greens in winter. The winner harvests a large harvest and makes homemade preparations.

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Since 2014, all lotteries in Russia are state-owned, their organizers are the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, and they are conducted under the state supervision of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. State lotteries distributed by Stoloto, due to targeted contributions, are a significant source of replenishment of budgets at various levels of the Russian Federation. Targeted contributions from lottery activities are used to finance socially significant facilities and events, including activities for the development of physical culture and sports, elite sports and the sports reserve training system — thus making a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of Russians.

*Photo is published with the permission of the winner.

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