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A new tourist walking route “Ai-Petri Plateau” was presented in Crimea

A new tourist walking route “Ai-Petri Plateau” was presented in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A new tourist walking route “Ai-Petri Plateau” was opened in the Yalta Mountain and Forest Reserve, reported the joint directorate of specially protected natural areas “Reserved Crimea”.

The Ai-Petri Plateau route unites into a single network a number of existing eco-trails of the Yalta Mountain Forest Nature Reserve. The route connects the “Korean Trail” and “To the Teeth of Ai-Petri” with the “Jewish Trail”, “Iograph” with the “Taraktash Trail”. Fans of multi-day hikes will also appreciate the Ai-Petri Plateau route, because a transit pass through the reserve is now available, and a network of environmental and educational routes will be connected with existing and planned routes throughout the mountainous Crimea, including the Great Sevastopol Trail and the Great Crimean along the path— reported TASS in the directorate.

It is specified that an overnight stop with a tent “Cordon Ai-Petri” will be available along the route. The length of the route will be 25 km.

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