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A pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs won the by-election in the Ternovsky District

A pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs won the by-election in the Ternovsky District

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the results of the by-election of the deputy of the Ternovsky municipal district of the third convocation in the two-mandate electoral district No. 3, the candidate of United Russia, pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Feoktistov, won, the press service of the Sevastopol branch of the party reported:

64.28% of voters who came to the polling station — 126 people — voted for him. LDPR candidate Yuri Stroev is in second position with 24.48% of the votes. The representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Katidzha Trapeznikova received 8.16% of the votes. The fourth candidate, Lyudmila Sukhanova, a candidate from the A Just Russia — for Truth party, received 2% of the votes. In total, 196 people out of 491 voters took part in the voting. The turnout was 40.66%.

A vacant seat in the deputy corps was created due to the fact that in December last year, the chairman of the council and the head of the intra-city Ternovsky municipal formation, Vladimir Prokopenko, resigned and went to public service in the Zaporozhye region. Deputies will elect the chairman of the council of the Moscow Region at the next session.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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