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A personal exhibition of Anastasia Kalyuzhnaya is being announced in Simferopol

A personal exhibition of Anastasia Kalyuzhnaya is being announced in Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

June 4 at 14:00 in the Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library named after I.Ya. Franko in the city of Simferopol opens a personal exhibition of paintings by Anastasia Kalyuzhnaya «Creative Chords»

  • Kalyuzhnaya Anastasia Nikolaevna — Honored Artist of the Republic of Crimea, Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Crimea of ​​the Russian Federation, Laureate of the II International Philanthropist Prize in the Painting category, was born in 1983 in the city of Neryungri of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, now SAKHA (Yakutia).

The exhibition presents about sixty works made in oil technique, diverse in genres and themes, from significant periods of creativity. The main works are about the historical and cultural heritage of the ancient city of Kerch “Bosporus Phenomenon”, “Heavenly Font of Bosporus”. The author’s searches in the life stories of his contemporaries are interesting: “The Sea is Calling”, “Waiting”, “Harbor of Memory”, “The Kerch Strait. Lighthouse» «Fisherman’s Monologue», «Inspiration» and in portraiture «Portrait of the Artist», «Self-Portrait». The retrospective “Portrait of E.I.” is presented separately. Roerich.»

In her work, the artist mainly addresses the theme of the flourishing Crimea. Her large collection includes landscapes from Azov, to Eastern Crimea, from the southern coast of the Black Sea to the Volga. Continuing the Crimean pictorial tradition, she opens up new horizons of modern art, introducing features of neo-symbolism and impressionism, imbued with the spirit of the “Silver Age”. Possessing a composer’s thinking and the gift of a subtle colorist, the painter with refined expressiveness conveys all the splendor of Crimean nature — the transparency of the air, the features of the sun, the feeling of living light vibration and movement in nature. The panoramic spatial design of the paintings, monumental features and realistic persuasiveness give the works an epic sound. Balance and harmony reign in the paintings. The works delight not only with the skill of execution, but also with their semantic presentation and their philosophical nature.,” note the exhibition organizers.

The works of Anastasia Kalyuzhnaya are in state collections of museums of the Russian Federation.

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The exhibition will run until June 30, 2024.

A personal exhibition of Anastasia Kalyuzhnaya is being announced in Simferopol

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