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A photo exhibition “Liberation. Way to victory»

A photo exhibition “Liberation. Way to victory»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The opening of the photo exhibition “Liberation. The Path to Victory» is a federal project of the international media group «Russia Today». The exhibition is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Crimea from the Nazi invaders.

A photo exhibition "Liberation. The Path to Victory" was opened at KFU A photo exhibition "Liberation. The Path to Victory" was opened at KFU A photo exhibition "Liberation. The Path to Victory" was opened at KFU A photo exhibition "Liberation. The Path to Victory" was opened at KFU A photo exhibition "Liberation. The Path to Victory" was opened at KFU

According to the organizers, the project is aimed at the formation and development of a single historical community of territories newly included in the Southern Federal District of our country. Photo exhibitions cover museums and universities in more than 40 regions of Russia, as well as the Republic of Belarus.

The idea of ​​the project originated quite a long time ago. Our main task was to introduce into the public information space those photographs that had been unknown for many years. We wanted to create locations where children could immerse themselves in the history of their country and their family every day. Crimea is the pearl of the Soviet Union. Our famous and beloved phrase “Crimean Spring,” which we speak in the context of the events of 2014, was born in 1944. We wanted to convey a sense of connection between the times of these events and return to our rootssays Natalya Tyurina, head of the Education Projects Department of the international media group Russia Today.

The events of 1944 and 1945 are an important time for the liberation of the territories of the Soviet Union and European countries. Particular attention within the project is paid to the theme of the feat of Soviet youth in the rear during these years, preserving the future of the country from Krasnoyarsk to Kaliningrad.

Students from Russia and other countries will see in rare photo chronicles the heroic feat of the Soviet people through the images of ordinary people at the front, in the rear, during the liberation and restoration of the historical territories of the country and the territories of Eastern Europe.

This exhibition is unique in every way. The close-ups in these photographs indicate that the correspondents were always nearby in the thick of the battle, risking their lives just like those who went on the attack and stopped the Nazi advance. The contribution of front-line correspondents to our Victory is enormous, because it was they who conveyed the “trench truth” to every resident of a great country. The exhibition does not show retouched pictures, but the real historical truth. We can see the eyes and smiles of the military, their concentrated faces before the attack. Today, upholding the truth becomes the main task of every citizen who shares the values ​​of our state. We will always rely on facts, documents and chronicles. Photo chronicles in this series are the main means of visualizing the events of the Great Patriotic War– notes the acting rector of the Crimean Federal University Vladimir Kuryanov.

The project is based on the unique photo archive of SovInformBuro 1944-1945, the copyright holder of which is MIA Rossiya Segodnya. In each city participating in the photo exhibition, rare footage dedicated to the military history of the locality will be presented. 30 photographs of Simferopol during the occupation period will be seen by students and staff of the Crimean Federal University, as well as other educational institutions in the region.

In addition, representatives of the international media group donated eight volumes of the collection “From the Soviet Information Bureau” to the University Scientific Library, which contain reports from the Sovinformburo during the war years: from June 22, 1941 to May 15, 1945.

You can view the exhibition until the end of May in the second floor hall of the main building of the university (Akademika Vernadsky Avenue, 4).

source: KFU press service

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