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A start has been made: the first transaction under a notarized machine-readable power of attorney has been completed

A start has been made: the first transaction under a notarized machine-readable power of attorney has been completed

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The other day, the country’s first transaction was completed in the capital on the basis of a notarized machine-readable power of attorney (MDP). The document was necessary for a real estate purchase and sale transaction. This is another example of effective work on the development of digital notary technologies. We would like to remind you that the project to introduce a unified format for the MChD is being implemented on the basis of joint technology of the Federal Tax Service and the Federal Notary Chamber.

Already today, every third notarial act is based on electronic notary technologies. At the same time, the creation of new information tools and the modernization of notarial activities continue: new notarial actions are being introduced, transactions and other legally significant actions are completed faster, and the level of comfort for citizens and businesses is increasing. One of the areas of notary activity in the digital segment is related to the introduction of machine-readable powers of attorney into civil circulation. The FNP participates in the project together with the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Digital Development, and together with departments it develops MChD formats and classifiers of powers. In the Unified Information System (UIS) of the notary, special functionality based on the blockchain distributed registry will be deployed.

The standardized format of a “digital” power of attorney, which will be accepted by government agencies, business representatives, credit and other organizations, is designed to make electronic document management more efficient and secure. The introduction of a unified MCD format minimizes the likelihood of errors in the processing of such documents, their falsification and use for unlawful purposes. Prevents the risks of violating legal requirements for the mandatory form of a notarized power of attorney, which often entails challenging completed transactions.

In the MChD, powers are indicated in the form of a code; such a power of attorney for signing documents or performing other actions can be checked automatically in the information system. Previously, a person gave a paper power of attorney to an attorney, and he presented the paper document to a bank or other organization. In the case of the MChD, the examiner will be able to request data about the power of attorney from the distributed registry of the MChD.

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In August, the Federal Tax Service created a repository for machine-readable powers of attorney prepared in a uniform format. As the department noted, previously, in order to submit electronic reports to regulatory authorities and for electronic document flow between organizations and individual entrepreneurs, it was necessary to use various forms of electronic powers of attorney, often not in machine-readable form. Now all participants in electronic interaction must focus on its uniform form. The innovation also applies to notarized powers of attorney.

In the future, a unified format of machine-readable powers of attorney, which allows you to automate the verification of a representative’s powers, will simplify the receipt of services or the implementation of other legally significant actions in electronic form for a wide range of participants in civil transactions.

Let us remind you that in 2023, the Federal Notary Chamber launched a number of important digital projects. In particular, together with the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia, the “Universal entry to a notary” service was launched on the “State Services” portal. The list of remote notarial actions has also been expanded — now you can certify online that you have information in the Unified State Register of Real Estate. The joint work of the FNP with Rosreestr continues to transfer the procedure for registering rights to real estate using notarized documents into an online format. A separate and very important area was ensuring the work of notaries in new regions of Russia in the Notary Unified Information System.

source: Notary Chamber of Sevastopol

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