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A teacher of the Sevastopol children's technopark «Kvantorium» planted a cedar on an expedition to the Far East

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Yana Tkachenko, mentor of the VR/AR Quantum of the Quantorium Children’s Technopark Sevastopol, is participating in the Landmark: Following the Leopard Trail expedition, which is supported by the Higher School of Economics, the Rediscovering Russia and the Great Journey projects. During the trip, she helps in the development of the game «Landmark» by the indie studio «Drimach», which is dedicated to the life of the workers of the «Land of the Leopard» national park, located in the Primorsky Territory. The mentors of the expedition instructed Yana to plant a cedar tree in honor of the main character of the game, biologist-intern Katya Miroshina.

I was pleased to perform such a responsible task. It is very symbolic that a man from the most distant city from Vladivostok was sent to plant the cedar. And it is especially cool and important that this is a contribution to the nature of our country.— notes Yana Tkachenko.

A teacher of the Sevastopol children's technopark A teacher of the Sevastopol children's technopark A teacher of the Sevastopol children's technopark

The tree will grow near the village of Andreevka, not far from the Sea of ​​Japan. During the trip, Yana gains additional knowledge in the field of 3D modeling. She will definitely share them with her students.

I learned a lot from industry experts who, based on their experience, can tell you which way to go. It is important for our children to know this — they will not only be able to understand if they are interested in game dev, but they will also gain the skills necessary for serious workshe notes.

In total, 15 students from all over Russia, who have passed the preliminary selection, participate in the expedition. Participants are engaged in 3D modeling, game design and marketing promotion of games.

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source: press service of the Quantorium Children’s Technopark (Sevastopol)

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