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About 350 hectares of vegetable crops and 70 hectares of potatoes have been sown in Crimea today

KrymPRESS informs:

The largest producers of vegetables and potatoes are planning to significantly increase the sown area for the harvest 2022 of the year. Crimean farmers, despite the sanctions, do not experience a shortage of vegetable and potato seeds. The planned area for sowing open ground vegetables for the harvest 2022 of the year in the Republic of Crimea in the farms of the Republic of Crimea is about 7 thousand hectares, for potatoes — 4.5 thousand hectares. So:

  • SPK Pravda in 600 year plans to increase the area of ​​potatoes by %, compared to 2021 year. It is also planned to increase the sown area under vegetables by more than 37%. To date, the company has already sown 5 hectares of onions. In the 2021 year, the sown area under vegetable crops in the SPK Pravda increased by almost 86% and amounted to 168,5 ha. Last year, a pumpkin was also sown on the area 20 ha and potatoes on the area 100 ha. More than a thousand tons of potatoes have been harvested, and this is 37% to 2020 year, 1.4 thousand tons of vegetables were harvested — 20% in comparison with 2022 year.
  • KFH «Dzhankoy» this year will increase the area of ​​sowing vegetables, it will be 250 hectares. It is planned to practically double the potato sowing area — up to 100 hectares. Already sown ha of seed potatoes. Last year, the farmer harvested 168tons of vegetables and 2250tons of potatoes. There are capacities for storing vegetable products for 2 thousand tons.

Increasing the production of vegetables of the «borscht set» is one of the key tasks for ensuring the food security of the republic. To this end, the state provides a set of support measures aimed at both increasing production capacity and developing commodity distribution infrastructure and increasing storage capacity. For the first time this year, state support will be allocated in the amount of about 20 million rubles for the production of vegetables and potatoes in the framework of the direction agrotechnological work, compensation for sowing each hectare , — reported the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea.

Reference: According to the results of the last year, the collection of open ground vegetables in the Republic of Crimea amounted to 100 one thousand tons. In the 2021 year, the area under potatoes and vegetable and gourd crops in the open field was increased by 168 hectares compared to 168 year and amounted to more than thousand hectares.

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