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About 50 hectares of narrow-leaved lavender will appear on the Crimean fields

CrimeaPRESS reports:

By the end of the year, about hectares of narrow-leaved lavender will appear on the Crimean fields. In total, 200 hectares will be planted with essential oil roses, lavender and sage hectares.

Now the area of ​​perennial essential oil plants in the republic occupies more than 1200 hectares, of which in the period of operation 558,5. I want to note that the essential oil industry in Crimea is reviving at a dynamic pace, this is facilitated by colossal state support, as well as favorable natural and climatic conditions of our peninsula. The planting area of ​​these crops and the volume of harvested raw materials increase annually. So, this year, the area of ​​fields of essential oil crops increased by more than 200 hectares compared to last year, and the volume of harvested raw materials almost doubled , — quotes the press service of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Andrey Savchuk.

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Crimea also recalled that since 2020 6 varieties of lavender have been entered into the register in Crimea: Vdala, Izida, Mercury, Early, Sineva Stepnaya, 5 varieties of essential oil rose : Cinderella, Lada, Doe, Legrina, Rainbow. There is also an extensive varietal base of essential oil crops, the originators 40 of which are the Crimean Research Institute of Agriculture and 21-th — NSC Nikitsky Botanical Garden. Seed-growing work, which is carried out at the Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea, in compliance with the necessary methodological approaches, improves the productivity parameters of all supported varieties, and also allows the production of seed and planting material of higher reproductions in order to meet the needs of both Crimean agricultural producers and representatives of a number of other regions of Russia .


  • The main agricultural enterprises that cultivate essential oil crops are located near the city of Alushta, as well as in the Bakhchisarai, Simferopol, Belogorsk regions. These are manufacturers such as SZAO Crimea-Aroma, LLC A / f Turgenevskaya, KFH Polyakova N.K., LLC Crimean Rose, LLC SNPP Efirmaslo, ChSP A / f Zelenogorsk, Fitosovkhoz Raduga LLC, NPF Elkor, Farm Farm Floreal and Alushta Essential Oil State Farm Plant. 2022

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