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«Accident» chronicle of the past week on the roads of Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

According to the traffic police, last week there were 8 accidents on the roads of Sevastopol, in which 10 people received injuries of varying severity.

Over the past week, traffic police officers have identified 615 administrative offenses, including 40 drivers drove a vehicle while intoxicated, 5 of which repeatedly, for which criminal liability is provided, 29 drivers violated the rules for driving a pedestrian crossing, 22 drove into the oncoming lane in violation of traffic rules , — reported in the State traffic inspectorate.

In the coming week, traffic inspectors will carry out preventive measures “Bacchus”, “Carrier”, “Beacon”, “Moto”, “Pedestrian crossing” and “Drunk driver”.

The traffic police of Sevastopol informs.

For 5 months of the current year, 200 accidents with victims were registered on the roads of Sevastopol, in which people were killed and 237 injured. Also on the roads of the city there was 29 an accident associated with a collision with a pedestrian, in which 5 people died, three of them were due to the fault of the drivers and 67 were injured. Due to traffic violations by pedestrians themselves, 2 people were killed, injured 29.

In the clashes, 4 people were killed and 119 were injured. The main reasons for such accidents were: non-compliance with the speed limit, the order of travel and driving into the oncoming lane.

For 5 months, traffic police officers identified 647 drivers in a state of intoxication, of which 67 got drunk behind the wheel again, 1172 did not provide an advantage to pedestrians, 345 drove into the oncoming lane in violation of traffic rules, 119 pedestrians violated the rules for crossing the road.

The traffic police calls on drivers and pedestrians to strictly comply with the requirements of the Rules of the Road, the neglect of which can lead to tragedy.

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